Kiko Milano Energy Mask

20160224_213448When I made my 1st purchase with Kiko Milano, of course I couldn’t checkout without adding a mask to the cart!

Here we have the Energy Detoxifying Black Mask.

Product description courtesy of Kiko Milano: “Black detoxifying energizing mask that helps free the skin from pollution residues and impurities. Ideal for all skin types. The gel-texture formula guarantees exceptionally smooth application. Thanks to the natural black clays and specially selected active ingredients, it helps eliminate toxins and pollution residues. The grain of the skin is smoothed and refined, and the face looks radiant and relaxed. Clinically tested. Hypoallergenic = formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions. Non-comedogenic. Paraben free.”

The product out of the tube kind of reminds me of acrylic paint or a water-based paint. It’s very dark, but maybe a dark dark gray instead of a true black.

It has a light and pleasant scent and it glides on the face easily. Upon application, I felt that I needed to use a lot of product, 3 times or so of what I have in my hand below.


I also noticed, that when I tried to wash it off my hands it left a residue in the creases of my skin that took some effort to get off, like you would imagine engine oil or some such grease.


20160215_23300420160216_000202The mask is supposed to stay on for 10-15 minutes, during which time there was a slight cool burning sensation/feel, like Icy/Hot, but that went away after a few minutes. Then there was the normal tightening as the mask dried on the skin. Some spots felt itchy and of course I tried to refrain from scratching, LOL. Thicker areas didn’t dry completely.

After the allowed time, washing it off was fairly easy, which is surprising considering how much effort it took to get it off my hands. My skin felt smooth and refreshed.

Also should mention that this could potentially stain fabric/cloth. Found that out after I washed my cloth in the clothing washer and dryer about half of what you see in the photo above never washed out :/

Staining aside, I did enjoy this mask and recommend it! I went back to Kiko Milano, but it looks like they no longer have any masks via their USA version of the website, there is some on other versions though.  This would normally retail for $9, but I got it for $3.90 either with a discount code or it was on sale at the time or both, can’t remember and can’t tell via my receipt.

Have you tried this mask or any of their other masks?

Link to Kiko Milano: here.

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