Garden Spells – Book Review

51f52b5a0yvl-_sx328_bo1204203200_This is one e-book that I’ve had in my digital bookshelf for quite sometime, according to Amazon, I purchased it back in August of 2010. That probably says a lot about what I might have in my digital e-book library – or at least the quantity of e-books I’ve accumulated there for as long as I’ve had a Kindle and the amount that are, as yet, unread and collecting cyber dust.

I came across mention of this book on another blog and thought it looked familiar, which is what lead me back to it. It was like magic 😉

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen was a wonderful read. I’m a romantic and a sucker for stories of magic and enchantment. This, however, is not a fairytale in the sense of castles and princesses and witches.

This book centers around two sisters, who have been gifted through their family legacy, but I’ll let you read all about that. Their lives have not been easy. On one hand you have a sister, Claire, who, was forced to lived a rough on-the-go on-the-move life during her first 6 years through the ill-guided fate that drove her mother. People that she loved, came and went, seemingly leaving her behind and alone, and when she found a place of solace in her mother’s hometown, in her grandmother’s house, and in their family’s unusual garden, she embraced it and buried herself in it. That place became her gated sanctuary, where she kept everyone who could mean anything to her at a distance, because it was safer that way.

On the other hand you have the younger sister, Sydney, who hated everything that she was, but wanted to be so much like her mother that she knew so little of. Her life started off on the wrong foot that lead her down a rocky path to an abusive relationship and with a child in tow. In an effort to flee and make sure that her daughter had a good life, she tried to escape back to the very place she had run from to begin with.

The sisters are brought back together, and they discover things about each other and themselves that they never realized. All of the misgivings, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations of their past, their feelings about the situations surrounding their past, how they felt about each other, and why or how they came to be the women they now are unfolded. It’s amazing how our thoughts and internalized point of views shape us.

Add some magic, romance, jealousy, and love to the pot and you have a novel full of charming characters – well the main characters anyway.

I thought the town was a little whimsical with its eccentric array of people and their family legacies, maybe a smidgen too much. The story had a good pace and development, and though it seemed a little rushed toward the end, I enjoyed reading it in its entirety.

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