Skyn Iceland Cleansing Cloths + Marcelle Clay Mask


Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths

This pack came in my Ipsy January Glambag. It’s a good traveling size with a resealable pouch and 10 wipes.


Product description from the package: “When you’re too tired to deal with the whole cleanser and wash cloth routine, these on-the-go foaming cloths are the ultimate skin savior. Infused with Icelandic glacial waters and beneficial natural extracts, they sweep away makeup, dirt, oil and other impurities while refreshing and soothing stressed skin. Best of all, there’s no water required. It has a clean scent, never tacky. Great for travel or every day!”


The cloths are a good thickness, softer than hand wipes, but still with a bit of texture to help get the grime off of your face. The scent is kind of refreshing, but could be a little strong if you had a headache, and the wipes are moist and don’t seem to dry out the moment air hits it. It says to rub together to create “a rich, foaming lather”, while it does suds up a little on the cloth, those suds didn’t really transfer to my face as I imagined it would to make any kind of difference. Upon wiping it around my face, it took a good deal of my makeup off, but did a poor job of removing my waterproof eye makeup. It took some of it off, but not all. It also left my skin feeling like it was drying out considerably.

While these wipes might be a good, quick method for makeup removal or for freshening up, it wouldn’t be good for a complete and thorough makeup removal and facial cleansing.

Special limited time deal (found on Ipsy):

Glacial Cleansing Cloths, $15 for a pack of 30 wipes.

Get 40% Off One Full-Sized Product + 20% Off Additional Purchases at Enter offer code IPSYGCC2016 at checkout.

Offer valid thru 02/29/2016. Offer valid on Skyn ICELAND products only. Offer valid in US only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. One time use only. Cannot be applied to a previous purchase.

Marcelle Clay Mask

20160201_012551I purchased the full-size of this via Birchbox.

Product description as per the tube: “A true stroke of brilliance for your skin, Marcelle’s Clay Mask, with its kolin and witch hazel base, evens out your complexion, leaving your skin smooth, fresh and totally radiant. – Cleanses skin and absorbs impurities – Helps minimize sebaceous secretions and breakouts – Helps purify and revitalize skin. Perfume free – paraben free, hypo-allergenic. All skin types.”

This clay mask comes out in a shiny glossy form, pudding-ish? Or like meconium (baby’s 1st poo), but in a light gray color and not sticky.


20160201_012907When I imagine a clay or mud mask, I imagine it with some sort of grit, even if it’s very very fine. This one was smooth throughout. Being perfume/fragrance free it didn’t really have a scent to it other than maybe mildly plastic and very lightly alcoholic.

Since it was a very smooth cream, it went on just a smoothly. Very light in color as you can see, kind of white when applied. There was a slight burning sensation and it felt like my skin was getting irritated, but no visible irritation developed.

After 10 minutes it dried to what looked like peely old skin — maybe makeup effect artists need to start using clay masks to age people! LOL.


Rinsed it off and my skin look fine, but even after a moisturizer application some dry patches developed in between my eyebrows and along my cheeks.

This one was, unfortunately, drying for me.

On Birchbox this retails for $16 for a 3.7 oz tube, with free shipping. They also have a special going on currently:

For a limited time, get a free Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover For Sensitive Eyes with qualifying purchase of any full-size Marcelle product(s) from the Birchbox Shop. Use code: MAKEUPREMOVER at checkout.

Via Marcelle direct, it’s $14.95 (but not sure what the shipping cost is).

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