Orange Glad January Box

Day before yesterday, I posted Treatsie Sweets‘ January Box. Let’s just say that this Orange Glad subscription may rival Treatsie for my affections! This box was my first, so we’ll have to see how the next couple of boxes are. If they’re anything like January’s box, then I might have to choose between the two, though Orange Glad is about $0.95 less per month ($15 per month + $4 shipping).


What is Orange Glad?


    Enjoy desserts curated by food experts. Every brownie is different, why not try them all. Expand your palate with us.


    Learn about the makers behind the sweets, fall in love with their story, and see why the desserts taste so amazing.


    Never guess what you’re eating again, it’s not a secret. Know every ingredient that was in the desserts we bring you.

January’s Box

I like how they send an actual booklet about the Chefs behind the sweet concoctions, as well as information about the treats.



  • The Crispery Cocoa Concoction Crispycake: “Layered with milky chocolate fluff and chocolate chips, the crispycake is a sweet tooth’s best friend!” This thing was massive! But oooo sooo good! Lots and lots of marshmallow, with some crunchy bits of rice crispies and surprise bits of chocolate in the center. Except for those little pieces of chocolate in the center, all I could taste was the marshmallow though and it was super super sweet. Sugar coma.
  • Silk Shortbread Classic Shortbread Tea Mates: “The Classic Shortbread is a staple for any teatime or coffee break. Light and flaky, these bite-size treats are simple yet addicting.” These were good, but didn’t taste any better than traditional shortbread that I’ve tasted or handmade before.
  • Tumbador Chocolate Sweet & Salty Bar: “Creamy milk chocolate envelops a perfectly crunchy cluster of sweet buttery toffee. Toffee bits give way to crunchy pretzels and savory peanuts. It’s easy to lose track of how many sweet & salty bites you’ve taken because the combination of ingredients in this bar is overwhelmingly addictive.” I haven’t tried this one yet, but sounds yummy!
  • Art of Caramel Vanilla Cocoa Nib: “Perfect blend of chocolate and vanilla, this perfectly crunchy treat is seriously addicting!” I’ve had their Bourbon Eggnog flavored caramel popcorn from the Treastie sub and it was good, so I imagine this one is good too.
  • Finally Ginger Oatmeal Cranberry Finally Ginger Cookie: “As the name suggests, these handcrafted cookies are infused with ginger perfection. You either love it or hate it!” Haven’t tried this one yet either.

All sounds delish, right?! Mmm… Someone take my tastebuds away so I can stop with the sweets already! 🙂

Want to subscribe to get Orange Glad in your mailbox monthly? Click here.

Sorry, I can’t find any discounts for this sub! 🙁

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