Treatsie Sweets January Box


As you’ll probably come to find out, I have a sweet tooth, a pretty big one. I think I’d give up makeup for sweets… Well maybe, depends on the sweets 😉

This is only my 3rd box, but Treatsie Sweets is one subscription box that I’m not about to give up anytime soon! I’ve also purchased their special boxes and made a couple of separate purchases, if that says anything about this company! Though I do have to say that some of their items in their shop are pretty pricy for the amount of product that you receive.



There were 4 items in this box (I count the two caramels as one):

  • Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee Milk Chocolate – “Handmade buttery toffee with almonds and milk chocolate.”  This one got punctured on the bottom during shipping and I didn’t realize it until after I opened the top and was wondering why it was raining crumbs from the bottom. I had also absently noticed bits of stuff when opening the box, but didn’t think much of it until I saw it coming out of the bottom of this package.  That aside, it was still pretty good! Like Almond Roca, but in flat form.
  • Mayana Chocolate Kitchen Sink Bar – “Peanut butter, pretzels and crisp rice are combined with milk chocolate, fleur de sel caramel and dark chocolate.” This thing was SOOOOO GOOD!!! OHMYGOODNESS! I picked it up and could only eat three bites because it was so rich, but then I had to pick it up again and take another bite… well you know where that’s going because before I knew it, it was all gone. Sadness when that happened!
  • Zingerman’s Candy Chocolate-Covered Peanut Brittle – “This peanut brittle is hand pulled for maximum brittleness and crispiness, and then it’s coated in a blend of luscious dark chocolate.” Haven’t tried these yet, but they look scrumptious!
  • Annie B’s Black Raspberry Caramels – “Less tart than blackberry and sweeter than red raspberry, the flavor is truly exquisite. Ripe, juicy berries are mellowed by buttery caramel.” Haven’t tried this one yet.
  • Annie B’s Original Caramels – “Slowly cooked in copper pots, these buttery caramels are handmade with real ingredients.” This one was in the last Love With Food box, I thought it was ok, typical sticky caramel, nothing special.

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Want some yummy, yummy sweet goodness for yourself? Check out the Treatsie Sweets Subscription Box! Use the code FRBUCO01 to get double the amount of sweets in your first box. Subscriptions start at $19.95/month.

Treatsie Sweets

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