LivingSocial Health and Beauty Mystery Box

Well Crap… yeah, that about sums it up. Needless-to-say, right off the bat, I was utterly disappointed with this box and I’ll tell you why toward the bottom of the post.

These are the items that I got in this “box” – they sent them in a poly mailer. It was careless, thoughtless packaging.


  • Kleancolor Wonder Eyelash Curler in green. I actually have one of these in blue, for being cheap, it works great, and is spring loaded making it easier to use.
  • Santee Waterproof Mascara
  • Kleancolor Love Me 365 Utopia Baked Eyeshadow. Completely broken into pieces, eyeshadow coated everything. It’s a super pretty color though. On the brightside, if I crush it some more until it’s completely powderized, I’ll have my 1st loose eyeshadow and can use that solution from Kiko with it. *snicker*
  • Hi Cool UV Arm Muff in blue. Similar to compression arm sleeves.
  • Mopas Tights in black, free size.

Now why am I disappointed besides the obvious, broken eyeshadow… At least three items, the Kleancolor and the Santee, I know for certain I can get these brands for $1 each via ShopMissA‘s. If I look, I could probably find those tights and arm muff there  for $1 each as well (since everything there is $1). That does not equate to a good deal because… after the promocode, shipping and handling, this Mystery Box at LivingSocial it came out to $15.88.

Yeah. Big let down. Don’t think I’ll be getting this LivingSocial “deal” again! Don’t get me wrong the items are ok, but they’re not worth the price I paid if I can get them for less than a third somewhere else, YKWIM? Unfortunately, there are risks in purchasing mystery boxes!

Taking it from another perspective, had I not shopped via ShopMissA previous to this, it’s possible I could have had a different reaction. And if you had a different reaction, I sincerely apologize if this post deflated any enthusiasm over your own package.

However, if you were thinking about getting this “deal” on LivingSocial, I’d encourage you to try ShopMissA‘s instead [link]. I’m not affiliated with them at all, but ahem, you can get Kleancolor and Santee and other items there for $1 ea (orders $30 and over gets free shipping. It says $30+ for free shipping, but for my last order I had exactly $30 and got free shipping.)

Did you get this box? If so, what was your experience?

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