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minionhelloHello lovelies! Just wanted to drop a hello in onto my blog. Between school work and lack of adequate sleep I feel like a zombie today! I keep staring at my screen, but not being very productive, even though I have a ton I need to be doing.

Our school workload this week really bites. We have our rough draft research paper due on Monday, in addition to that we now also have a group project we have to work on, put together, and present in front of the class next Tuesday. Plus Snelling-Chart lab work, vitals quotas, homework, remembering surgical tools and their names (part 1), and studying that’s all due this Thursday (exam day, we’ll have a total of 8 tests this week, if I added correctly, lol). And this is only Tuesday. No wonder I can’t sleep and I’m exhausted!

I may still try to post a review or something, before I call it a night. I need to start carrying a notebook around for when I review or cook things that I plan on posting on the blog because by the time I get to writing up the reviews I’ll probably forget half of it :/ Hazards of reviewing, the forgetful mind. Speaking of which – “hazards of reviewing”, well I have one and I will share it with you when I post the review, LOL.

Anyway, so an exciting (NOT!) thing happened at school… we got drug urinalysis tested for externship next quarter. Yup, I had to pee in a cup. I never knew how much of a messy pee-er I was, gross. BUT! They had a really cool urine cup, fancy-smancy, with a flip-top locking lid and all! It looked like the cup itself had the means to give the results because there was a peel off sticker area – have never seen one of those before!

We had heard rumors that our externship coordinator stands and watches as you pee with door wide open, but this was not the case. She was in the bathroom, but much to my relief, she let me close the stall door. Not as bad as I thought it would be! I swear I think the previous quarters tell us these stories about pre-externship to freak us out! Haha. We should hear back tomorrow or Thurs if any of us failed the test. I know I passed though, so I’m not worried about it. All probably TMI, right?

Ah well. That’s about as good as my day gets!

BTW if you live close by and would be willing to let me stick you to get more practice in for phlebotomy or injections (we only inject saline for practice), or even vitals – hit me up! 😉 If it makes you feel any better, I have well over the minimum requirement of venipuncture and fingersticks in order to take the phlebotomy exam – though I won’t take the exam probably until sometime after I take my RMA certification exam, especially since we have to pay for and schedule that one on our own.

So… How was your day? Better, Worse, than mine? 🙂

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