Mini Reviews: Olay, Nivea, Nuxe Paris

20160125_003155Olay Ultra Moisture with shea butter Moisture Outlast Body Wash

This is a 3 fl oz sample.

Product description via Target:

“Moisturize even the driest skin with continued use of Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash. Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth after every shower. And thanks to a jar of Olay moisturizers in every bottle, the condition of your skin will visibly improve over time. One bottle even moisturizes better than 7 bottles of the leading body wash. Soothe your dry, dull skin with moisturizing Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash: All-day moisture for soft, healthy-looking skin. After 1 Use: Cleans and visibly conditions skin; 1 Week: Moisturizes skin to be lush and nourished; 1 Bottle: Makes skin healthy-looking and provides long-lasting moisture. Cleanses skin gently and moisturizes to help keep skin nourished.”

This has a pleasing scent, though strong in bottle, after use it leaved just a hint of the fragrance on the skin. It lathers nicely and does feel like a silken glide along the skin. Though I haven’t used it a full-week yet, it has left my skin feeling soft and smooth after each use. My tougher drier areas (my shins) still need extra moisturizing afterward, however. I used to love Olay products and their body washes, but have since moved away from them in an effort to try use body washes that are fragrance free and for sensitive skin. I may switch back to this depending on how my skin fairs with continued use.

Retails under $5 for a 23.6 fl oz bottle, at retailers such as Walmart and Target.


20160125_003208Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion Cocoa Butter – Dry to Very Dry Skin

Sample packet only.

Product description via Nivea:

“NIVEA In-Shower Cocoa Butter Body Lotion is specially formulated to intensely nourish normal to dry skin. When applied in the shower, the result is irresistibly soft skin, which is left feeling indulged without any stickiness so you can dress immediately with 24 hour moisturisation. […] The patent pending formula absorbs into wet skin in seconds and provides 24hr+ of moisturization”

I was really surprised by this product. At first, I wasn’t sure how it would work. I’ve applied lotion to wet skin before and it was always streaky and took a while to absorb. When I applied this in-shower, it went on as if my skin were dry and not streaky at all. Like it says, it’s not sticky. It feels luxurious and silky. The scent is heavily of cocoa butter, which I like.  What I was confused about is after you apply it, you’re to rinse it off, rather than leave it on and leave the shower. TBH I’d rather do that! As I feel in rinsing it off, it rinses off a good deal of the moisturizing effect. I would think leaving it on would give it more time to absorb. Though maybe there is an ingredient or ingredients in it that is/are not supposed to stay on the skin, but is instead supposed to be an initial means for moisture penetration? I don’t know, just speculating. I like this so much that I plan on getting a bottle and will see if there is any adverse reactions to leaving it on, rather than rinsing it off.

Retails under $5 for a 13.5 fl oz bottle, at retailers such as Walmart and Target.

Nuxe Paris – Comforting Cleansing Milk with Rose Petals

Sample packet only.

Product description via Nuxe:

“COMFORTING MAKE-UP REMOVER – GENTLY CLEANSES For sensitive skin and normal to dry skin. This Rose Petal Cleansing Milk for face and eyes cleanses and removes make-up, protecting skin from becoming dry. Cleansing milk key benefit : a rich texture adapted to dry skin, easy to use, delivering comfort to your face. […] It removes all traces of make-up and impurities from her face without drying it out thanks to its formula with Macadamia Oil.”

This has a clean and refreshing floral scent, not heavy of roses and not cloying. I’m not a big fan of floral scents, but this one is fine. I used it on a dry face instead of wetting my face first. It went on like a lotion and I massaged it into my face, including my eye area and lips, since it says on the package, “Face, Eyes and Lips”. It was a nice experience, nothing really that stood out to me as extraordinary. When rinsing it off I used cloth and it did removed the majority of my makeup. I thought it had removed it all, but when I woke up the next morning there was some smudges under my eyes from left over mascara.

This is a decent cleanser, but not my favorite.

Retails for $20 for a 6.7 fl oz bottle with pump head, through Nuxe‘s website or Amazon, and $22.49 through Target.

*Disclaimer: The Olay and Nuxe Paris samples were given to me as free samples from PinchMe in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. The Nivea sample was sent to me directly and though they did not request a review, I wrote one anyway, as always, honest and unbiased. Though not as lengthy as other reviews, a shortened version, these evaluations and reviews are an accounting of my true opinions and experiences.

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