Sorry I haven’t been around today or yesterday, I’ve been nauseous and headachy and have pretty much kept to my bed ūüôĀ Had to go to night class tonight though, since I missed the morning class, and take my weekly tests. SOMEHOW I managed to ace all seven tests. I don’t even know how that happened since I was a mess with my head pounding, eyelid twitching, and feeling nauseated at the same time. I’m so glad I finally made an appointment to see my doctor soon, hopefully she can help me get back on track.

Anyway, at school I’m pretty organized, my classmates make¬†comments on this, but of course they don’t see my home office or my “couch-dresser” or my car, haha! I try to make a little effort here and there to make organizing easier for me – like those honeycomb inserts I bought to organize my drawers (BTW I bought more to see if I can put them up vertically for lipsticks and such, but haven’t gotten around to putting them together yet), and that nail polish organizer, or that small makeup organizer.

20160126_174848When it comes to my car, I pretty much utilize the floor, the center console, and the door side pockets. My husband hates that! Not that I want to please him or anything ;), I got this car organizer and it came with a visor organizer as well.

These are works in progress. Sorry for the crappy pics too.

This set by Fancy Mobility consists of two pretty good organizers. The larger one, for behind the seat holds a good deal of “stuff”. I just have a couple things in it right now, but I’m sure that it will fill out quickly. I need to move my disinfectant wipes and rolls of trash bags to the side pockets.

I don’t have a small child, just a teen, but I still find this to be handy in keeping things I need within reasonable reach – there are plenty of pockets. It has two clasps for fastening onto the back of the chair with ease, one at the neck of the chair and one at the base (which is adjustable).


I have a visor organizer already, but it was to hold CDs – since I don’t really use CDs anymore, it’s kind of useless, unless I wanted to stick papers or what-nots in there. This visor organizer can hold pens and also has pockets for other items. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I have to use it on the side that faces the window when the visor is down because otherwise it would obstruct the vanity mirror on the visor. So I have to remember not to put anything with personal information or anything that will potentially be damaged by the sun within those pockets.

Both work great, however, and have plenty of room for organizing all the car crap “stuff”.

When I get those honeycomb organizer together for vertical use (hopefully it works) I’ll post about it. I got a light blue color for my room, was hoping it was going to be more of a tiffany blue, but it wasn’t.

Will catch up with you all tomorrow, maybe! Hopefully, I’ll be feeling better.

*Disclaimer: This product was given to me complimentary in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This evaluation and review is an accounting of my true opinions and experiences, and is written in the same manner as if I had bought it at full-price, been given as a gift, or received as a sample.

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