Quickie – OMGosh!

I have some comments I need to reply to and a ton of blog posts I need to catch up on this weekend — your blog posts, try to slow down will ya, there’s 118 blog post notifications and counting in my inbox (let’s not even count those in my reader)! 😉 hehe, but just kidding about slowing down though, keep doing what you’re doing, all of you fabulous and beautiful bloggers!

Anyway, just dropping a quick note to say OH.MY.GOSH! I just noticed that I’m 5 followers via WP/reader away from 200, and 13 followers via email away from 500! How crazy is that, almost 700 total followers on my blog?! I never imagined that would happen in so little time, just 3 short months! I love you guys! And yes, I’m sappy, but I don’t care! This blog has been a life-line for me and I owe it all to my followers!

I will have a giveaway, hopefully, I can crank it out before Valentine’s Day! Cross those fingers and toes!

XOXO – MUAH!200_s

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