LuminessAir: Buying Experience, Lesson Learned

I don’t normally do this, but this is really upsetting to me. I purchased the LuminessAir Luminess Legend Airbrush system back in December. Everything seemed ok, then I looked on my receipt after I received my order and in fine print it said:

“Starting 30 days from your ship date, you’ll receive a 60 day supply of airbrush foundations every other month at the guaranteed low price of just $39.95 + S/H/P per month which will be conveniently charged in one easy payment per shipment.There’s no commitment or minimum to buy and you can cancel the club at any time or change the frequency of your shipments by calling customer service at XXX”

I don’t remember ever seeing that fine print when I ordered, it may have been on there, but as I said I don’t recall EVER seeing it. I didn’t want to be in their Club Membership and get monthly shipments, figured I could buy what I needed whenever I needed them — in fact I have YET to even use the system, it’s still in boxes on my shelf as I haven’t gotten to it, so it would not have done me any good. I emailed them to cancel, CCed their club as well. Figured that that would be enough or they would email me back to let me know that I needed to do something further…

Here it is a month later and I received a “Tendered to Fedex” notice from them. I checked my credit card account and sure enough there’s a charge for $45.06 on 1/19.

Let me just interject something here – although you have an account on their website, it shows absolutely NOTHING regarding this club on there, doesn’t even have an order history (unless I completely missed it), with nothing on there, there is also no way to cancel it via their website either.

I called them. First there is an automated prompt, very tedious, then I went through steps to follow an order and inquire about a charge, but then encountered a prompt that asked for a date of the charge – which I put in and it kept telling me that it wasn’t in their system. There was no way to back out and get to the operator from there. I had to hang up and call again. Then I tried to go directly to the operator, it was a waiting game…. there were 13 or so callers ahead of me and this was very very annoying. At that time, I could feel irritation rising steadily. Finally, after about 16ish minutes I got someone, gave her my phone number, name, address, and email for verification. I go on to tell her why I was calling. She asked me why I was cancelling and I told her because I never wanted to be in the Club to begin with. Instead of taking that, she asked me if it was because I wasn’t happy with the makeup, again I say No, I just didn’t want to get the shipments. Then she’s like even though you get a discount for them? I repeat yet again that I never wanted to be in the club. You’d think that would be good enough, but then she asked me if it was the equipment, if it wasn’t working properly. I might have gotten her questions out of order, but WTH?! Yeah, that wasn’t helping my irritation at all. Finally, she put me on hold to cancel the membership. When she came back she said it’s done and I should get a confirmation email. I asked if I would be refunded for the charge, but she said no because the shipment had already been processed. So I asked her if she could cancel the shipment since it was just being tendered and hadn’t yet been shipped and she told me no. I asked her if I could send it back once it came so I could get refunded and she said no, they don’t give refunds.

Ok, let me get this straight. You automatically enroll a customer into this Club Membership, that is supposedly optional, don’t give them any information about it other than the fine print, nothing on our account about it, no follow up emails, and then when we call to cancel because we don’t want it, we can’t even get refunded for it?

Um… to me this sounds like a scam and that is EXACTLY what I told her before I hung up the phone. Frustrated beyond belief!

I just wanted you all to be aware before ordering from this company that this was my experience with them, and I hope that if you have or plan on ordering from them, that this doesn’t happen to you.

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5 thoughts on “LuminessAir: Buying Experience, Lesson Learned

    • Yeah, I was not expecting it! I had no issues when I ordered through QVC (or HSN, one of them) for their Airbrush spray can, but ordering through them direct… I was at least expecting to be able to return the unopened box, maybe write “refused” on it and get refunded, but nope. Really unpleasant experience.

      • I wonder what the legal standing with that is, especially under distance selling. In the UK if you buy something online you have 7 working days from the day of delivery to send it back on-top of all your other statutory rights! I don’t understand why you can’t return it – bad bad bad customer service! As a customer services manager myself it makes me cringe it’s so awful!

      • I’m really not sure, I’d have to look into it. It’s just so frustrating and I can’t imagine how many others have to go through this same thing because of the way they set this up.

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