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Even though my hair is thin, it’s very long. People often think that I have thick hair because it’s so dark, but nope not really! However, that doesn’t stop it from getting tangled ALL THE TIME! I’m continually losing my hair too, which is very very sad. I do whatever I can to try to remedy or minimize these things – thinness and thinning, plus breakage and split ends. That means trying different things in the hopes that one of them or a combination of them will work for me.

Here we have the Detangling Hair Brush by Miss Landson.


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Product description via Amazon: “Life Changing Brush- No Matter What Your Hair Type! Long or short, curly or straight… it doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, this brush will make your hair soft, shiny, silky and soft. How? Upon contact with hair, the flexible bristles loosen knots so that the brush glides through hair ensuring each strand is treated in a delicate manner to produce shine and minimizes breakage. […]  And if this brush doesn’t do what we say, you get that money back, Guaranteed! Why This Brush Will Be The Last Brush You Use: ✓ Detangles with ease ✓ It’s pain free ✓ Kids love it! ✓ Use on wet or dry hair ✓ Minimizes breakage, split ends & hair loss ✓ Smoothes the cuticle layer increasing shine ✓ Massages your scalp to promote hair growth.”

Though my hair was brushed earlier in the day, it was a little messy, so I made it even messier 😉 (Ignore the mess of background, I never got around to cleaning/organizing like I planned.)


This brush is a hard plastic, hollow on the inside. It has multi-level bristles. I’m going to go through what it says on the box it came in and my thoughts on those points:

  • Detangles with easy to hold handle – It does detangle, but not as smoothly as I expected it to, there were still moments of tugs and I couldn’t brush without using my other hand to control tension on my hair.
  • Use on wet or dry hair – yes, you can.
  • Minimize breakage, split ends & hair loss – if you look in the video toward the end, it didn’t minimize hair loss, I had a bunch come out while using this. So it was still not gentle enough to pull my hair out. As for breakage and split ends, time will tell.
  • Massages your scalp to promote hair growth – The bristles are rather pointy, while they’re flexible they still scraped at my scalp rather than massaging it. On another point I can still feel where I brushed along my scalp – whether that’ll help promote hair growth, again time will tell.

So while it did perform slightly better than the brushes that I have now, it still pulled and tugged at my hair, and it still took away plenty of hair. It didn’t hurt, but it scraped at my scalp and left a residual scraping feel. I do like the shape of it though, and the varying levels of bristles. It holds well and sits comfortably within the palm. I’ll probably end up throwing this in my bag and using it as an on-the-go brush.  Too bad I was disappointed with the overall performance, I had high expectations for it!

*Disclaimer: This product was given to me at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This evaluation and review is an accounting of my true opinions and experiences, and is written in the same manner as if I had bought it at full-price, been given as a gift, or received as a sample.

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