Tornado in my room

I’m ok with being an organized chaos kind of person, but man WTH happened to my office/room?! Too cluttered with crap everywhere :/ — this is why my husband thinks I’m a hoarder/pack rat. I think I know what I’m doing tomorrow. Anyone want to re”organize” for me? Ugh.


20160122_214522See those stack of boxes too? Yeah… I’ll tear into those tonight, some of them I’ve had unopened for a week up to 3 weeks now — like my Ipsy Jan bag… and my ColourpopUlta, and Kiko orders…

Please tell me you have a messier room! 🙂 Even better, post pics so I don’t feel so bad, haha!

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4 thoughts on “Tornado in my room

  1. My “beauty room” (which doubles as a workout room, haha) is a disaster. It’s in half reno mode (ripping down old wall paper) AND still has a kitchen counter and cupboards in it that need to be removed (my house used to be two apartments a very long time ago, so the upstairs had a mini kitchen in one of the rooms). To top that off, I still have boxes and drawers from my old beauty desk set up that need to be sorted and taken away. The only organized part is my actual beauty desk and my the drawer set that I keep my nail polish in, haha! I keep dreaming that we will get to fixing that room, but it’s low on the priority list 🙁

    • That’s the word I was looking for, didn’t want to say “vanity” room LOL, but my office/beauty room sounds much better!

      WOW, sounds like you have a lot of stuff in there! – but that’s understandable under the circumstances!

      I wanted this room to be bright and airy and inviting (for me), kind of a zen-like or calm atmosphere. The way it is now is not quite what I had in mind! Hopefully whenever we buy a house I can set it up how I want it and paint the walls too. Maybe I’ll keep it nice and tidy then (lol, but I’m just kidding myself as I’ll have to retidy it from time to time knowing myself the way that I do).

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