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This natural/off-white (leans a little toward an ecru color) Mongolian Faux Fur pillow came in a couple of days ago. LOVE it! Furry, fluffy kind of things make me smile, especially when it goes with my decor. I love that the fur is not “neatly” fluffy, instead it’s shaggy – makes it look more authentic, in my estimation. The other pillow I sewed myself ūüôā



If I could change anything about it though, it would be to have the fur on both sides. The flip side is sort of a faux suede. ¬†Now I need a faux fur/sheepskin rug ūüôā

Also got this organizer about a month ago, thanks to a post about it that I saw on Everything and¬†Nothing!!! – awesome enabler that Elisabeth¬†is :)). It’s been sitting in a box in the corner and I just put it together today! I didn’t know I would have to put it together when I purchased it, but it was quick and easy enough. Though if I had thicker fingers it would have been hella challenging to tighten up those screws!


I don’t have a whole lot of nail polishes any more, since I got rid of a lot of them, but this¬†works fine for what I do have! Plus all those pearl powders that I have fit perfectly in it! Well… some¬†of them anyway, I still have lots more – probably need to cull them; maybe give some away? They were originally for art, but since I don’t do much art nowadays, I’ve been using them for nails. I also put my lotion samples and breath sprays on it since this is close to the entrance¬†of my room and I can just grab one on the go. Pretty convenient!

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