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This Valentia Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub has a nice scent to it, full of fragrant ingredients. As I mentioned before, a couple of times, I love this line of beauty products. To see other products from this line that I’ve reviewed, click here. I will also be reviewing their Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask in another post.

Product description per the box: “A refreshing scrub with green and white teas partnered with a trio of tropical butters. Green and white teas were specifically chosen for their rich anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Tropical butters provide essential nourishment to the skin to keep it hydrated. The result is smoother, softer, brighter, and rejuvenated skin.” Key ingredients: “Olive butter: created from 100% pure, cold pressed and extra virgin for the highest quality Tunisian olives this ingredient nourishes, hydrates, and soothes the skin; Avocado butter: contains high amounts of Vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E to help nourish and gently repair the skin; Kukui butter: a treasured oil from Hawaii known for its antioxidant properties that help to protect the skin and combat pro-aging free radicals; Green and White Teas: packed with polyphenols and potent antioxidants that provide anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and anti-aging effects; aloe vera: named by the ancient Egyptians as the ‘plant of immortality’ this nutrient rich botanical moisturizes the skin and fights aging by improving skin’s natural firmness; jojoba beads: gentle jojoba beads that work to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells without scratching the skin.”


As you can see above, this scrub is kind of like a jiggly pudding or tapioca. Like another exfoliating product that I recently reviewed, this one has tiny jojoba microbeads. In addition, it contains other exfoliating particles like pumice. Along with the teas, this also contains coffee extract, so your face will be getting a dose of caffeine ūüėČ just to wake it up – just kidding. But really these are more for antioxidants and other benefits as purported through the product description above.

I wouldn’t say that this is my favorite scrub, as the particles were a little difficult to wash off properly (via a cloth and the bathroom sink), but it’s a decent scrub that doesn’t dry out your face or leave it a peely mess. It does have a slight tingling burn to it, but nothing that makes you want to stick your head a freezer to calm your skin down. All in all, the light fragrance and ingredients¬†that it contains are what is most attractive to me about it.

*Disclaimer: This product was given to me complimentary in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This evaluation and review is an accounting of my true opinions and experiences, and is written in the same manner as if I had bought it at full-price, been given as a gift, or received as a sample.

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