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Something new, I’m going to start posting a Random Beauty Question of the Week. Hopefully, this will help me interact with my readers more! Would LOVE to hear your answers, please comment below. Thank you for stopping by!

urine-face-cleanser-for-beauty-01This is going to be one of those bizarre WTF kind of things… A while back my grandmother told me about this woman — she was either Chinese or Korean, I can’t recall — that she knew who had gorgeous skin. The secret to that gorgeous porcelain skin: She’d save her urine in a container and refrigerate it, then apply a little to her face and neck each night like a serum.

I’m not a scientist, but I imagine it was because urine contains Urea – which helps in softening and moisturizing your skin, but usually requires larger amounts, but maybe frequent application helps? There is ammonia and are also some proteins and trace amounts of white blood cells – leukocytes which fight infection.

Urine is thought to be a disinfectant, bacteria-free, and sterile — however this is only when it is in the bladder (and only if you do not have a UTI – urinary tract infection), once it hits your urethra how sterile and bacteria-free it is depends highly on the health of your urethra and surrounding genital areas that it may come in contact with. Also once out of the body bacteria will continue to grow within the urine, so if you keep it in the fridge it can only be for a short time.

I haven’t tried this, not sure that I will!

So my questions to you, readers:

  • Would you try this?
  • Have you heard of this?
  • What other bizarre beauty rituals do you know of?


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  1. I read somewhere if your like stranded in a desert or somewhere to pee on a shirt or something and wrap it around your head to keep cool. Applying it to my face however yikes I’d have to be pretty stranded somewhere isolate before doing that.

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