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My right eyelid has been twitching since about 8ish (2-2.5 hours). My grandfather and my great grandmother were superstitions people, so I was curious as to what that might mean. Of course I just Googled it and went to the first site, so who knows if this is reputable, but it’s fun to find out.

For the right eyelid twitching (left eyelid has different meanings attached)

  • Hawaiian superstition:  A child is about to be born.
    Who do I know that’s going to pop soon? Have no idea!
  • Chinese superstition, it could be any one of these depending on the time, since my lid has been twitching across three of the time frames:
    • You will have a visitation by someone far away;
    • You will be attending a huge gathering;
    • A sign of caution since you could be having some court related trouble. Let’s hope it’s not this one!
  • Indian superstition: It could mean that you will receive positive news, make money or be successful in some way.

Likely, why it’s really happening is because I stayed up all night reading 😉

There are superstitions that my before mentioned family members practiced, but maybe I’ll save them for another post 🙂

What kind of superstitions do you or your family have? Do you…



On another note, it was back to school this morning, this is a full week and my pottery class starts back up tomorrow night too. Busy busy.  In class today, the 4th quarters (which includes me :)) were pulled out to start filling out the paperwork for externship next quarter. It seems like it’s coming waaaaay too quickly. I’m really nervous! It’s been a long time since I’ve actually worked for someone other than myself.  We also got our long checkoff list of things we need to have done within the next month or so, including physicals and immunizations, etc. so I need to set myself an appointment with a doc here. That’s going to be fun, the poor doc is going to be overwhelmed, from all that school stuff, to my other health issues (high blood pressure, cholesterol, headaches/migraines, overdue for a pap etc.) that I need to get checked on and restart meds for.

whitecoathypertension_250xI’m definitely not looking forward to having to take meds again, but if I’m heading into the medical field, it makes sense that I should maybe trust health practitioners and meds, right? It’s so strange that I picked this career path to restart in, especially since previously I’ve had major “white coat syndrome” (a syndrome whereby a patient’s feeling of anxiety in a medical environment results in an abnormally high reading when their blood pressure is measured).  Hopefully, it won’t be as bad; hopefully, I’ve grown out of it.


13760066_Alt05Anyway, in the same line as health, I made a deal with my hubs. I’d cancel my Planet Fitness gym membership (since I haven’t found my way back there yet), if I could get a Rowing Machine 🙂 He said ok! (well maybe not as enthusiastic as all that…). I love the rowing machine, surprisingly, much much much much much more than the treadmill or other cardio machines. Plus it works almost the entire body, which, I most certainly need worked out! For me weight has never been an easy issue. I have an older sister who is an avid fitness athlete, she even competed in several physique body building competitions. She works out daily and has a rocking bod! But she works hard for it and though I envy her (and her lifestyle – she gets to do this stuff back home in Hawaii! come on! LOL), I don’t resent her for it, I admire her and am truly proud of all that she has accomplished! Then I have my younger sister who has always been called by my relatives “the skinny one” ~ “where’s the skinny one?” (she’s also the tallest of us girls). Yeah, so here I am the middle child (we do have a younger brother though, so technically I’m only 2nd oldest), who had to act and take on the responsibility as the oldest child because my older sister lived elsewhere when we were growing up. facebook-cant-keep-the-fat-shaming-pages-away-l-zepwghNot only that, but every little comment that was made in reference to my weight in my life-time seems to poke its ugly head out at me from time to time – my mom’s weight battle, my co-worker from a long time ago telling me “you’d be so much prettier if you were skinnier”, a guy I was interested in way back when telling me that I looked like I had weight issues and then further telling me that his ex was 105 lbs and my 135 lbs (at the time, I so wish I were 135lbs right now, seriously!!!) was overweight. It’s really hard to shake those damn things. I have even gone through the process of forgiving each and every one of those and embracing them thereafter, but I’m finding that I need to do it more than once so that it becomes less and less baggage to carry around. I have a long way to go! Anyway, I think I digressed majorly! I’m looking forward to getting my rowing machine!

And I really need it because I’ve yet to even prepare for that obstacle course thing in April  – Conquer The Gauntlet, or the Wichita Gladiator Dash in June, that I’m supposed to do with one of my classmates. That’s scary! They’re scary! I’m crazy for having said I’d do these with her! I will not freak out… I will not freak out… who am I kidding?! LOL I’ll freak out. I don’t want to back out though, as I want to keep my word. Plus it’s getting out of my comfort zone and I need to hold on to those thoughts. Did I mention I don’t like mud?

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