PinchMe 2nd Box


This is the 2nd box I’ve gotten from PinchMe and everything is a duplicate from the 1st box except for the Olay Ulra Moisture with Shea Butter Body Wash and its accompanying coupon.

I haven’t been lucky on sample days with just a couple of options, which has been disappointing. Hopefully, this month will yield good pickings! Crossing fingers.

Did you get anything good in your PinchMe box this month?

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17 thoughts on “PinchMe 2nd Box

    • I had the option for the cat food! Even after I took my cat off of my profile. He has a sensitive stomach so can’t eat anything, but what he’s already eating, so there wasn’t any sense in keeping him on my pinchme profile if they were going to keep putting cat food on there.

  1. I haven’t gotten my boxes yet but said they were shipped and should be here in another 6 weeks due to the holidays 😩

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