Books, My Brain, Freebies, and an Ugly Princess

office-sign-brainWhen I blogged my 1st E-Book review, I didn’t think I’d do another, just because I felt that the review process for books took me away from actually enjoying and immersing myself within the book. However, as I scrolled back in memory for 2015, I couldn’t come up with one book title that I had read during the year, with exception to that one that I reviewed. I don’t know if it was because I just didn’t read anything worth remembering or if it was because my brain sponge reached it’s capacity for information retention with the amount of stuff I have to study for school… This was kind of alarming to me! I mean my brain should have some leisure time and it should be of things that it actually enjoys and will remember, at least for a decent amount of time, RIGHT?!

With that I decided that I’d try my best to do a least a mini-review of the books I read, leisure-wise.

I rarely read print books anymore, except school books, but let’s not mention those again in this post. I mostly ready e-books on my Kindle. They’re convenient, and I can read them on my phone if I don’t have my Kindle with me.

UDP_KCP_Ad_w_border._CB318282282_If you’re not aware, you can read Kindle books even if you don’t have Kindle, just download the Kindle E-Reader App – then you can read it on your phone, computer, tablet, or whatever. When you see a Kindle book on Amazon that you want to read, just click this little image (it’s not linked on my blog, so you’ll have to actually do it on Amazon) and it’ll download the app to where you want it to go. You only have to do this once per device, BTW, not every time.

Additionally, I’m a cheap book date, and like to find freebies. This site here is a fabulous site to find those e-books that are currently free and they update their site daily. They have a variety of genres, so you’re not limited to just one. I’ve literally accessed hundreds of e-books this way – too many probably, as they mostly sit in my digital locker on Amazon.

Anyway, so then, here we go, the 1st mini e-book review of the year.

415SaUHEpfL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_The Ugly Princess: The Legend of the Winnowwood by Henderson Smith, E-Book Review.

This was one of those freebies found on the site I mentioned and linked above; I wasn’t asked to write a review. It’s no longer free, however, unless you have Kindle Unlimited. I have linked it toward the bottom of this post.

I read this book in a total of about 3 hours, starting last night before going to sleep. I shouldn’t have started it that late because it was one of those books where once you start, you have to finish – at least for me it was- and I had to get up early for school this morning :/ naughty naughty!

Though this book is under the Children’s ebook section, I think it’s a fabulous read for any age, for anyone who loves a good fairy-tale. I know I’m a sucker for fairy-tales!

The Winnowwood are a race of women who have special powers to heal animals and some to control the elements, but though they have these powers, they are born plain and with an extra digit on their pinky that is a conduit or talisman to their magic. Every time they use their magic they become uglier – new wart, boil, lump, or scar.

At some time there was a war between the Winnowwood and witches, as a result one witch put a curse on them. It’s not a typical curse that you’d expect though. For this curse, gives the Winnowwood the parallel equivalent to their ugliness in beauty, but at a high price.

This story is written in 1st person, from the perspective of Princess Olive. She and her sister are the last of their kind that possess their magic, and thus their ugliness. From the beginning Princess Olive embraced her magic and her heritage, never straying. She is brave with a tender heart, and has the propensity to help animals whenever they need her, and even extends her generosity to help those who scorn her with an open repulsion toward her.  But you can definitely feel her heart and feel for her. There were a few moments while reading this that I found myself in tears.

There aren’t a lot of descriptive details as far as the appearance of the majority of the characters, except for a noteable feature here or there. The main male character, unless I missed it, was only described vaguely by his nose, I don’t recall what his eye color was or his hair. So there is a lot of imagining you’ll have to do when it comes to what the characters look like. Despite that I really enjoyed this book and fairy-tale, and recommend it if you like this genre.

If you end up reading this e-book, let me know what you think!

This book is available on Amazon for Free for those subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, or $4.99 USD in e-book/Kindle/Kindle App format (price and availability current as of the time of writing this post)

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