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Not all products are a hit, there are many times when they’re a miss. Generally, when you test a product, you HOPE that when they are a miss it doesn’t have an adverse effect on your body and health. So when testing products that interact with your body and health, you want to be extra cautious, take more time to pre-research before agreeing to test, etc. But when a product looks and sounds so amazing to begin with, it can often be the case that you dismiss your more analytical and pre-research cautions.

I was going to mention a couple of specific products that I just tested, but instead, I think I’ll break this down to suggestions for what you should do in the event you’re presented with an opportunity to test a product that involves testing it on your body or in your body (as in ingesting).

  1. Validate the company, do a little background Google research to see if they’re a reputable, “REAL” company. There are way too many products floating about with pop-up companies that can be potentially hazardous to our health.
  2. See if they have a functioning website, not a fly-by-night up-in-a-jiffy type of website.
  3. See if their company address, phone number, and/or email address is anywhere on their website, or look-up-able on Google. If not, then how do you get a hold of them other than through the review site and a contact form on their website?
  4. Once you have validated the company, read some of the reviews on their product. This is not to influence your own review – though it can subconsciously work that way, so tread lightly here. This is more for your safety than anything.
  5. Look at the list of ingredients, if they can’t be found online, contact the company and request it.
  6. If you have any doubts about a product and its potential use, do not proceed forward.

Now, if you’ve gone ahead and agreed to review the product…

  1. If it’s a product that you have to apply to your body – skin, hair, nails, ect. do a small skin patch test first to judge whether you’ll be allergic to it. If there is any irritation, I don’t recommend going forward. At this point you can contact the company and ask them how they would like you to proceed. You can still leave the review with your honest experience to this point.
  2. If you do use the product as intended and do get an adverse reaction to it, then again, same as the tip above “you can contact the company and ask them how they would like you to proceed. You can still leave the review with your honest experience to this point.” Seek medical attention if it is a bad reaction.
  3. If you are ingesting the product, you want to do a visual assessment of the package before opening. Make sure all the seals are intact and there is no damage to the packaging.
  4. Do a whiff test next. Do not directly sniff the product. Do not hold the product directly under your nose, instead hold the product at a short distance and use your hand to fan the scent toward your nose. If it is offensive or rancid, you probably do not want to go further, make the decision on whether or not you want to continue with the product. This is where reading those prior reviews comes in handy, if it is a normal thing, then it may not be a spoilage issue.
  5. Do a small taste test on the tip of your tongue. Again, if the taste is in line with those prior reviews then chances are it is supposed to taste that way. Again, make the decision on whether you want to continue. If there is any tingling or swelling what-so-ever, do not continue to ingest the product. Take allergy meds, if necessary, or seek medical attention, if necessary.
  6. 5d6b285d15e5a8b365a5c1d73743f944_choking-need-to-know-580x326_featuredimageIf you have any adverse reactions to the product once it is ingested, discontinue. If you have an allergic reaction that needs immediate attention, have someone call 911 or take you to the emergency room.

If any adverse reaction happens when testing a product, I think it’s important to be honest and leave a review, even if you couldn’t fully test the product. You never know when your partial review could help someone else avoid a disaster!

Honesty is everything in the review process – I wholeheartedly believe that! The company may not be happy that you left their product a less than stellar review – less than 4 or 5 stars, but if they really wanted an honest review then they really can’t complain.


I’ve had company flat out tell me something along the lines of “if you can’t leave a five star review, then it’s better if you don’t leave a review at all” – that’s not really honest, then, is it? Makes me question the integrity of the company and their practices. You’ll also run into the companies that ask you to contact them if you plan on leaving less than 4 or 5 stars – I always wonder why, is that to try to convince you to not leave a lower rating or to bribe you with discounts or refunds or whatever else? Or are they genuinely concerned as to why you’re leaving a lower rating, and are looking to improve on their product and service? I would hope it would be latter.

When we test a product and it concerns our body and health, we want to be more discerning and not fall into the advertising traps that are out there with pretty pictures and words. So please just keep the above in mind! I, myself, haven’t been reviewing long, so have had some regrets, and some trials and errors. BUT there is always the flip side and I have had MANY successful and happy result reviews.

If you have any further tips and precaution or precautionary tales, please comment below, not only to help me out, but to help any of my readers that are reviewers or who want to become reviewers!

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