Product Empties – Part 2


This Whish Body Butter in Winterberry sample came in one of the online gift sampler bags from UltaGeneral description via Ulta: “Whish Body Butter replenishes, soothes and firms while absorbing completely into the skin. Our formula: Moisturizes with organic shea butter, organic raspberry butter and organic aloe. Firms with organic seaweed extract, and purifies with organic rice bran oil.”

This has a really nice fragrance to it. I’m not big on fragrances, but I like this one, it’s sort of a cool (not minty cool though) peppery berry. It lasts a pretty long time too.  It goes on softly, slightly sticky/buttery/greasy until it’s fully absorbed within the skin (takes a little while).

I can’t find this as a standalone product on Ulta or online (except for on Ebay). Ulta does, however, have a set with this in it, On The Go Set in Winterberry, that comes with a body gel and shaving cream for $9.95 (link).



This is also another sample that came in an Ulta online gift sampler bag. The Soap & Glory Hand Food. Ulta’s description: “Soap & Glory’s Hand Food softens, smooth’s, and soothes dry, or otherwise hampered hands. A non-greasy hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil, and marshmallow. Scented with our Original Pink Rose & Bergamot fragrance combines fresh bergamot, mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, and soft musk & amber base notes for skin that is silky soft.”

I don’t know that this is the “most astonishing hand cream ever”, but I love bergamot and this particular fragrance combo is lovely, chic, and sophisticated, and though it has rose in it, it’s not cloyingly rose-ish, girly-girl, and floral.  It leaves the skin soft and visibly moisturized. I can’t use this when I have a headache.

Retails for $8 for the 4.2 oz tube (link, though currently sold out) or $4 for the 1.69 oz travel size (link).



Oz Naturals Vitamin C Facial Serum, you can read my initial review here. My thoughts on it haven’t changed. Though it hasn’t improved fine lines, I still like this product and believe that it, in addition to other products, is working to prevent new lines and has improved the quality of my facial skin.  I’m going to see how my skin fairs in the next couple of weeks without using it, if there’s any noticeable change in the texture, appearance, and suppleness.

Have you used any of the above? If so, tell me about your thoughts or opinions about them.

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