Old Town Witchita

Yesterday, my bestie L and her husband C drove in from Missouri to have a late lunch with me.


We went to this place called Taste and See, I had never been and had wanted to go.  They serve Global Cuisine that just looked delicious. I’ll mention this a lot, but I’m a foodie, and if it looks good, tastes good, smells good, then YUM! I’m there!  The lunch prices were actually pretty decent ranging from $6-10 for starters, $9-14 for their sandwiches, and $14-16 for entrees.

As a starter/appetizer, we shared the Cuban Popcorn, which was seasoned popcorn tossed with prosciutto crisps, pickle dust, parmesan crisps served with a maple mustard dip.


L&C liked the dip, but I preferred to eat the popcorn and other elements on their own. The pickles on top we had thought were the sweet gerkins, but they weren’t sweet – still good though.

For my meal, I choose the Waffle Club – smoked turkey breast, bacon, braised kale, swiss cheese between a stack of red velvet waffles and topped with goat cheese whipped cream and a red wine blueberry compote.  I thought it was going to be mostly sweet, but instead it was mostly savory with a hint of sweet. It was really delicious! I may have to attempt to make it at home. Yum! It was the perfect balance.  As my side, I ordered the Parmesan Pesto Fries. After ordering I had a moment of doubt on whether it would go with the waffles, but it went along just fine.


We went during the late afternoon, so there wasn’t really a whole lot of people there, which was completely fine! We’re definitely going to go back. I should have taken more photos!

They gave us three envelopes with the check, with a mystery coupon inside each, so that when we return sometime in January (expires  we can give that to the waiter to find out what’s inside (it’s void if the seal is opened). I’m guessing it’s only something they do around the holidays, but it was a great,fun touch! Crossing fingers that at least one of the envelopes has the 100% discount off all food items.

2015-12-27 16.57.46

After that we were fiddling around with where to go, I don’t go exploring much, as my life is pretty much online, home, and school. So I didn’t really know where to go. I had thought about going to see the Illuminations show at Botanica, but it was pouring down rain and that show was mostly outside. Then I had a thought to go to The Spice Merchant as I had never been and have been wanting to go.


Did I mention it was pouring rain? Yup, so it was fun dodging puddles and rain running to the entrance of this shop. But once inside the fragrances were heavenly. Coffee, teas, spices. Mmm….

It was a pretty large shop with a wonderful selection of goods. Their tea section is off on it’s own and I came home with these four 1oz bags – figured I’d sample first then go back if I wanted more, but they have so many loose (or bagged if you prefer those) teas to choose from I’m going to have to go back and sample more.


20151227_180057So far I’ve tried the Orange Grapefruit Wellness – which was super fragrant and pleasantly heady of those citruses, but not in a bitter way at all, was even a slightly sweet, and the Roasted Almond – nutty and almost cider-ish. Both were aromatic and perfect to drink on a cold night.  I’m excited to try the other two – Lychee and Passionfruit.

A box of Creme Brulee mix (to the left) and a Key Lime truffle made it in the bag with me too (the truffle was a white chocolate drizzled with a green and inside was a soft key lime flavored center).

logo_meadsOur next stop was Mead’s Corner, yet another place I’d never been to, but was pleased to have gone to. Quaint, but pretty big cafe, near Old Town, around the same general area that we were in for The Spice Merchant, and Taste and See. They had coffees and paninis. I opted to go for an Iced The Great Pumpkin Latte. It was pretty tasty. (the following photos aren’t mine, again, I should have taken more photos)

There I ate my truffle from TSM, but didn’t really care for it, I don’t know if it was the combination of the lime flavor and the coffee, but it just tasted like cleaning products, or as L said – Ajax, but I corrected her and said lemon Comet… Though maybe, in hindsight, Lemon Pledge would be better.  Ok, it wasn’t that bad, but it did hint of those cleaning products. Next time I got to TSM, I’m not getting that truffle, I’ll stick with the other chocolatey types.

I’d recommend visiting these place if you’re ever in the Wichita, Kansas area!

Last, but not least. L&C gave me this bottle of Icewine for my birthday! 🙂 I rarely drink, but I tried this at their house on Thanksgiving (I think) and loved it, so it was thoughtful that they got this for me. You know what I’ll be drinking NYE along side my sparkling grape and apple juices!


I don’t get to see L that often, I think we’re averaging every 2-3 months now, since I moved, but I’m always glad to see her and spend time with her. It’s great to get out of the house too! LOL.



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