It’s Over Already?

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is over already! I sincerely hope that all of you had a wonderful Holiday! I had a good one! Definitely ate too much, but it was all good food, so the pounds I put on was well worth it!

We ended up not opening up a gift on Christmas Eve, we usually do, but I don’t know what happened there. I think we all just stayed up too late and totally forgot about opening one.

Then on Christmas morning, you would think that the 1st person to wake and then wake me and my hubs up would be the kid, but instead my husband was the one who woke everyone up at 8 am. I told him, the 1st one to rise has to make breakfast… he laughed like I was joking, of course who ended up cooking breakfast – me :/ le sigh, I know I’m just wasting my breath and time on it, but maybe one of these days he’ll cook and my persistence will pay off – a girl can dream!

We opened gifts before breakfast though, so that was nice. I’ve mentioned this before, but we all pretty much know what we’re getting, except for maybe a couple of surprise gifts. I got a lot of clothes mostly those that I ordered online from WholeSaleBuying. But sadly, one shirt my hubs kindly accidentally marked with a permanent marker when he wrote on the wrapping paper and it punched through – of course the mark is right in the center of the front. I tried getting it off with vinegar, with shout, with a baby wipe. It came out a little, but it’s still there. Luckily, being from that site, it didn’t cost a whole lot. I have to say though, I’m so addicted to that site!!! I just placed my 3rd order, for shame!

Also got some clothes from Charlotte Russe, and Kohls – one of my shirts had one of those security tags on it — and I ordered it online!!! Managed to poke lots of holes in it trying to get the damn thing off, so I’ll have to do some alterations with the sewing machine. Has this happened to anyone before??! Why they had to have a security tag on a shirt ordered online, is beyond me. I should have googled how to remove it before messing around with it though. Live, learn.20151226_195948

The hubs and kid also got me a pair of minion PJs, minion sweater, minion panties, and all of the Despicable Me movies, including the 6 mini ones, and the Minion movie 🙂 – had a minion marathon of them Christmas night (the hubs had to work).

And got a pair of dark leather knee high boots, winter boots, and a pair of black shoes, honeycomb drawer organizers for my socks and panties, wireless chargers for my phone, a couple of new wallets, and a new mace spray (which is good considering that my other one expired last Christmas).  So a good haul, I’d say! 🙂

For breakfast, we had maple linked sausages, and scrambled eggs.  I wanted Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, but when I went to the store the previous day they were completely sold out.

For dinner, I made a brown sugar/pineapple spiral bone-in ham, with a side of purple potatoes and sweet potatoes au gratin, and buttery crescent rolls.  We have enough ham to last us the rest of the week, so tonight I’m making cheesy ham and potato soup with it. Then tomorrow maybe fried rice.

Did you guys cook on Christmas? If so, what?

We’re leaving the tree up until after New Years, this is how my hubs wants to do it. LOL


What about you? Did you take it down already or are you leaving it up?


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