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I can’t remember where I saw it, either on TV, FB, or IG, but Graze was (may still be) running a special for a Free 4 snack variety box. Never having tried them, and always up for trying new snacks, I signed up. It was $1 to ship and there was fine print – you’d be automatically signed up for their 8 snack variety box to be delivered weekly for $11.99. However, there is the option for cancelling at any time or changing the subscription frequency. I decided to cancel that part for now, leaving the option for me to resub if I actually liked the snacks given to me in the free 4 snack box.

When you sign up, you have the option to go through their long list of snacks and rate based on whether you’d like to try them, wouldn’t like to try them, would like them or would love them.  And they curate your box based on these ratings. I’d recommend taking off anything you do not want to get, even if you’re on the fence, just mark it off that way you’re more likely to get the things you’ll LOVE.



I ended up getting these four snacks in my box:

  • Japanese Miso Soup with Wakame Seaweed & A Side of Edamame Beans
  • Cookies & Cream – white chocolate buttons, sunflower seeds, mini cocoa cookies & cocoa fudge
  • Dark Rocky Road – made with 50% cocoa, Belgian dark chocolate buttons, cranberries and pecans
  • Summer berry Compote with whole meal shortbread

So not a bad mix. If I like them I’ll probably reconsider going with a subscription, definitely not a weekly sub, but maybe monthly or something.

I do have two gift vouchers to pass along. So if you’re in the US and interested in trying Graze (a code will only work if you’re signing up for the 1st time) and getting your 1st box free, here are the codes: 


OH I FORGOT!!! —- > Use them on

I’m not sure if they’ll work for multiple people, each code may just work for one person – though something tells me they send these with every sample box. They also make you pay the $1 shipping, like they did me. You may also automatically be signed up for a weekly sub, so make sure you go back into your account and change or cancel that sub if you don’t want to continue to get them. The vouchers above are for the full 8 snack standard box rather than the 4 snack box that I got – you’ll get your 1st box free. But that said, be sure to read whatever fine print they might have in case it’s different from what mine was.

If you get it, let me know what you got and if you like it! I’d love to hear your POV.



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