When I first got married, I tried to hold onto the tradition of getting a new special ornament every year. That wasn’t always consistent, as I think we missed a few years somewhere along the way, and some that we did get got lost or broken during our many moves. Now we only have a handful of them left, sadly.  However, I still like to try to do this tradition so that, hopefully, my son carries it on and we can pass these special ornaments to him when he goes off on his own and starts a family. The past couple of years, I’ve let him choose the ornament.

This was last year’s…


Yes, my son has a sense of humor, LOL! There was actually a little story on the back of the box that held this pickle. It was “Hide the pickle”, ahem, shelve those dirty thoughts… It was thought to be an old German tradition/legend where the last ornament hung on the tree was the pickle. It was hidden within the tree and then the child that found the pickle would get an extra gift or the person who found the pickle would get good luck for the upcoming new year. However, it seems that this tradition/legend is actually a myth. But it sounds like a sweet story anyway!

This year, this is the ornament that my son chose:


Chinese take-out box with chopsticks. He told me that he’s going to continue to get food-related ornaments in the years coming. SMH.

Anyway, the ornament below is my favorite of the special ones that we have. It was given to me by my mom, during my knitting/fiber art days, she had it specially made by an artist who turns light bulbs into ornaments:


Do you have a favorite ornament on your tree? Share it with me, I’d love to see or read about it!


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  1. Like the yarn basket! I have an ornament for every year of my son’s life through age 18. Some of them are ornaments he made for school projects. Others we picked up from our travels. I tried to mark the year on them somehow but some ornaments were impossible to write on.

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