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I mentioned in my last review of a matcha tea that I wasn’t going to actively seek out any new matchas because I’d found “the one”. Well this one found me, I believe a little after I finished that other review, and how could I turn down matcha… I mean, come on! This is 100% Organic Matcha by Matcha Organics, it’s not the ceremonial grade, it’s the culinary grade, which is better for baking and smoothies – food applications rather than brewed applications. Though Matcha Organics does have a ceremonial grade available (maybe they’ll let me review that one too ;)).

[Whooops, ignore the bread crumbs on the table.]

As you can see below, it’s still a little vibrant green, which is a good sign. There was another culinary grade that I got a while back that was darker and browner looking. This one also still has a pleasant scent from the package.


Just for the sake of taste-testing, I tried this one as a hot brewed tea first.


As you can see it’s more of a mossy green brewed, the scent is also more deep-woods earthy.  I only used a little under 1/2 tsp, which is what I normally use for hot brewed matcha.  The initial taste over the tongue and swallowed is nice, smooth, like the ceremonial, but there is just the barest hint of bitterness left in the mouth. Like I said, just the barest hint, so it’s not unpleasant.  If I had used a stronger matcha to hot water ratio, it probably would be more bitter, but this is tolerable to me and I would drink this as an alternative to the other brand that I love, if it weren’t available.


Next I tried it as a smoothie, brewed it first, then added half & half, honey, and ice, then blended it. I could have blended it a little smoother, but with it being after 8 on a Sunday night and my blender being so loud, I didn’t think I could take another minute of it going, LOL. You’d think being named Ninja, they’d make it a stealth blender… just sayin’. The smoothie tasted great!

I also want to try this with this recipe for Chocolate-Matcha Pocky, though was considering doing chocolate-matcha taro chips instead of the pocky-like sticks. When I do, I’ll write a blog post with it. I need to get some white chocolate and dark chocolate tomorrow from the market. We were going to do Christmas cookies this weekend, but the weekend flew by too quickly. Hopefully during the week we can do that, I don’t think that class will be too hectic since we’re starting a new quarter and it’s a short week.

Back on track. This culinary grade matcha tea is a great alternative and less pricy than the ceremonial grade. If you don’t like the slightly bitter aftertaste, then I’d recommend using it only in baking/food preparations. There are a ton of recipes out now that include matcha in it, so there is not a lack for something creative to do with it to keep this healthy product in your daily diet.  There is also a video and you can sign up to receive a free downloadable ebook put out by Matcha Organics (link).

*Disclaimers: This product was given to me at a heavy discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This evaluation and review is an accounting of my true opinions and experiences, and is written in the same manner as if I had bought it at full-price, been given as a gift, or received as a sample.

If you are interested in the 100% Pure Organic Matcha by Matcha Organics, it is available in a 4 oz (113 g) package on Amazon for $24.95 + free Prime shipping (current at the time of writing this post).


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