Electronic Pulse Massager

Neither my husband nor son like to give me massages, which is really annoying considering how much TLC I give them when they need it. And since getting a professional massage is more of a luxury thing, when I saw this Electronic Pulse Massager by SantaMedical, it looked like something I’d like to try as an alternative. I’ve never used one before and it was an interesting experience.

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In my Clinical Medical Procedures class we learned how to work the electrocardiogram and how to use electrodes and leads, which works out great since this massager uses 4 electrodes and leads to deliver the electronic pulses to your muscles and I know generally how they function. These come as I said with the 4 electrodes, they’re in the form of pads with a sticky bottom. They’re reusable, however, for how many sessions, I’m not certain. They can be purchased separately though in multi-packs.

So what is an Electronic Pulse Massager? From the instruction booklet: “It delivers electric impulses to tired and sore muscles. These impulses are generated by the device and delivered through electrodes to the skin in direct proximity to the target muscles. Your muscles respond to the impulses by contracting and relaxing rhythmically, which sends soothing massage sensations to relieve muscle tension and soreness.”

The features:

  • 20151217_223309Dual channel for simultaneous use on two users or the ability to use 4 pads – I want to note here that there are two leads and each lead holds two electrodes.  Whether you’re using 2 or all 4, you want to make sure that the same lead is on the same muscle group. What I mean by that is if you want them on your shoulders the electrodes from the same lead should be on your shoulders, not one from one lead and another from the other lead. Think of lead one having electrode A & B and lead two having electrode C & D – A & B should be on your shoulders and if you’re using all 4, then C & D should be on your lower back.  If that makes sense. I used one from each lead on my shoulders and lower back and noticed that it felt like the pulses were uneven. Also, it’s much easier if you attach the electrodes to the lead wires before applying them, just be sure not to turn the device on until the pads are secured to your skin. And you want to make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying.
  • 20151217_2232416 auto programs (Waist, Shoulder, Joint, Hand-Leg, Repeat, Sole) – You can only select one at a time, so even if  you’re using 2 electrodes on your shoulders and 2 on your lower back, you can only select either “Shoulder” or “Waist”.
  • 3 massage modes (Massage, Beat, Knead) – I liked massage or knead the best. Beat was a little odd, like pinpoint tapping.
  • LCD Display
  • Manual and Repeat Modes
  • Intensity Range: 0-80 volts – this is via a dial for each lead wire. You want to start off on the lowest setting and gradually increase to your comfort level. I felt about 2.5-3 was good for me, 4 felt too “shock”ish to me.
  • Pulse width: 0-200 us
  • Timer: 15 minutes – per program

I just have it on my forearm because that was the easiest way to take a photo of it!

The booklet shows recommended areas to place the electrode pads, it should work on any major muscle group though.

I kind of have mixed feelings about this product. The pulse isn’t always strong or consistent – yes, I can increase the intensity, but then it’s unpleasant; and yes, I checked the connections and if the pads were secured properly when the pulse seemed to lessen.

I also wish they had included extra pads, at least another set of 4, even if they are reusable.  It doesn’t need the gel that you can purchase separately, which is good, but with them being reusable it’s picking up your skin cells every time that it’s reused. And I don’t know about you, but if anyone else is going to also use the device, they need to have their own set of pads!

But what it comes down to is that if I don’t have someone to give me a massage when I need it, then this is a decent substitute.

*Disclaimers: This product was given to me at a heavy discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This evaluation and review is an accounting of my true opinions and experiences, and is written in the same manner as if I had bought it at full-price, been given as a gift, or received as a sample.

If you are interested in the SantaMedical Electronic Pulse Massager, it is available on Amazon for $29.95 + free Prime shipping (current at the time of writing this post).



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