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For the most part I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, so I love comfy clothing!  Sweet Mayhem has the cutest shirts and I had to get my hands on a couple. I ordered the 7th, they shipped it on the 8th, and it arrived on the 12th. So a pretty smooth and quick transaction.

This one is “The End 00” top, it has the numbers 00 on the back, though nothing significant about that, it’s just there to mimic a sports tee. It’s super comfy and almost a crop – it comes to just below the top of my jeans.  I like that it’s fitted, but yet still soft and comfortable. The material is on the thin-side so not sure about the durability.

2015-12-13 00.50.05

This next one is the Babe Baseball Jersey. I usually get my tops in Large because they’re usually fitted around the chest and upper back area, especially buttoned-up tops, so was surprised how roomy this one was. I wish I had gotten a Medium instead, so that it would be a little less loose. I had a jersey-type tee back in my late teens/early twenties that I absolutely adored and it looked good on me – so it makes me nostalgic for it. But since this one is so loose, I’ll probably just wear it around the house and/or as PJs. It says “Babe” on the back (as shown in the 2nd pic below).



Of course they just posted a couple more cute tops and I saw some thigh-high stockings that I just HAD to have, so yeah, you’ll be seeing me post more down the road.

But here you go, a link to their shop: Sweet Mayhem. Great prices and super cute clothing! 🙂


logoAnd since this is a fashionesque post, here’s another from the WholesaleBuying haul that I said I’d be posting gradually from. It’s an asymmetrical zippered hoodie. It doesn’t look asymmetrical because of the way I’m standing, but the point at the bottom is off to the side and not directly down the middle.

2015-12-16 15.23.252015-12-16 15.22.492015-12-16 15.22.25

(Ooops, ignore the ironing board :/ The hubs likes to keep it there behind my office door, I don’t.)

The material is soft, almost like a very thin velvet, but it is so thin that I don’t think it will be very durable in the long run and will probably eventually start forming those little balls of fiber from wear.  It picks up lint (and cat hair) like crazy. Another thing to note is that the bottom of the pockets are straight and it kind of makes it look like it’s folded right there as the light hits it. But, I love the asymmetrical look of this zippered top and how comfortable it is, AND I just love hoodies! Plus it was super affordable!

Link for enabling: Wholesalebuying

Have you discovered any cute and affordable online clothing shops recently?





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