How do you guys do it? + other life-stuff


Just randomness, even though it’s Tuesday… but Monday, I was feeling fine, then ended up feeling pretty “ugh”. My Monday selfie transition:

I love that Cargo Yukon eyeshadow that I was wearing though! Great taupe color that blends out nicely. The front cam on my phone doesn’t pick up the color gradation very well, and the color is a little warmer than the ones below, should have adjusted in phonecam before posting, sorry!

Anyway, back to the blog and why I was writing this particular post..

I’m just looking at all of your wonderful posts and wonder how you do it and so quickly?! I have a ton of content I have to put out, it’s just the getting to the writing and putting it out part that’s taking so long. Seems like it takes me all day just to get one or two posts done  LOL – if that! Some days, I have to jam pack a few posts in a day (or rather early early in the am) because I couldn’t post on other days. Maybe that’s the key, I just need to save/schedule my posts to be released on those days I can’t. But then again I see a few of you posting several times a day and I’m just in awe, you guys are amazing!

Ah well, I do what I can when I can, right? 🙂 That’s good enough for me.

There have been so many fantastic opportunities lately that I’m just so grateful to be here and to be posting at all! Blogging, reviewing, and all this “beauty and product stuff” is like a breath of fresh air for me after I get home from cramming at school or doing homework or studying, it’s what keeps me sane right now!

Speaking of school. This is the last week for this quarter, but where we thought we’d have a free-ride for the week since we did finals last week, we were wrong. Our instructor gave us these lovely practice RMA and Phleb tests to go over and man are they hard! There is a ton of information that we have not covered and that makes me scared for the actual certifications that I’ll have to take in a few months! Eeek, I’m soooo not ready! One day at a time though, just need to get through tomorrow, the last day of Clinical Medical Procedures (CMP) and I get a mini reprieve. We get one whole day, not including our regular days off, between quarters – so four days off before we start the new quarter which is Interactive Patient Care (IPC). That’ll be a short week too, since we’ll have Thurs off for Christmas eve (I don’t think we have that Wed off).

On a positive note, a couple of us in class today got a head start for next quarter as we did some saline injections, worked on sterile fields, and the proper way to put on sterile gloves.

Oh and next Tuesday is my birthday! Yay!


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