Flat Tummy, New Scale, Oh My!

Can you believe that it’s been a little over a month already that I’ve been on Flat Tummy Tea? Yup, sure has, how time flies… (photo below is from their website, but the rest are mine)

ps_product1From the last time I updated about this product, there hasn’t been any change as far as the product itself – taste-wise or effect-wise (as far as bloating goes). Except that the leaves are much smaller as you get to the bottom – like the bottom of the chip bag, there’s a whole lot of crumbs – and they tend to slip through the holes in my strainer a lot easier, which means a lot of floaties to drink, but it’s not so bad.

I can say that I have lost 10 lbs in this month’s time! I lost 8 from the period between the start date, Nov 14, to Thanksgiving, but gained 2 back from all that food and leftovers. However, since Thanksgiving, I’ve lost the 2 lbs I gained and an additional 2 to make my total 10 for the entire month – that would be a net 10, right? I think that’s right, anyway, to make it easier I’m 10 lbs lighter than when I started. However, I’m not sure that I can attribute this weight loss entirely to Flat Tummy Tea, since I also changed a few things like:

  • 41abowd3vul-_sy300_drinking more water – my daily goal has been to drink between 64-84 oz per day. I noticed that if I reached the higher end of my goal I lost 0.5 lbs in that day, but if I reached the lower end of that goal, I either maintained or gained, and if I didn’t reach my drinking goal at all then I almost always gained. FYI – I try to keep track by an app on my phone (Water Drink Reminder? for android or something like that) and using the 64oz jug with the red top to the right. I think it was between $1-2 at Walmart (It’s my 2nd one as I busted my 1st one. It’s cheap, but real handy!). I take it to school with me, which makes it easier, but at home, since I’m in different rooms at any given time, it’s harder. I’m just going to have to remember to carry the jug with me wherever I go, even when I’m out and about outside of the house.
  • started eating oatmeal every morning
  • eating less portion-wise
  • cut out pepsi, Starbucks, and ice cream except for those really stressful days or PMS days
  • trying to drink at least an additional cup of regular tea or green tea before bed (also want to start trying to drink a cup with dinner)

A thing to note though is that I had a difficult time on my days off from school Fri-Sun keeping up with my water consumption, as well as eating oatmeal in the morning.

Stuff I still need to work on:

  • trying to eat more veg and fruits – but this one has been difficult, with exception to my yummy persimmons. However, this last go to the market only had me coming home with 5 of them since the rest were all mushy. Hope to find some more at Dillons tomorrow, though, crossing fingers.
  • upping my fiber intake to keep me regular (TMI, I know, but hey, it goes with the content)
  • this sleep thing
  • cutting out fast food and eating out less than I have
  • and oh yeah, I forgot… need to get my butt to the gym :/ especially if I’m going to do that Conquer the Gauntlet thing in April. (I’m so scared!!! But I told my classmate I’d do it with her. Will probably die out there.)

i_lost_10_pounds10 lbs in a month is awesome though!!! Super proud of myself.

Superstar! (say it with an attitude, like Mary Katherine Gallagher, *snicker*)

I still have a little left of the tea – maybe 2 days left of the Activate and maybe a few more servings for the Cleanse. I’ve decided to continue with it and ordered another 4 week pack. I also think I will do the Cleanse every other day, even though it says to do it every 3rd day after the 1st week.

So… leading into the next segment of this post… I got a new scale 🙂 for the next leg of my weight loss journey.


The Easy@Home High Precision Digital Bathroom Scale. It is beautiful! Never though I’d say that about a scale, really! Haha! It’s got a lovely glass top with silver base and the display is backlit in blue.  20151215_131434It can display weight in pounds, kilograms, or stones by pressing the little black unit button on the back. Instead of having to tap on it or push it before you can step on (or like my now “old” scale that I had to nudge a foot across the floor to wake it up), this one allows you to step directly on it and by doing so, it turns on and starts calculating your weight automatically, and it shuts off automatically in about 15 seconds after you step off. It came with batteries, which is always nice, as well as a BMI reference card. And included was also a little snazzy tape measure that is designed so that you can slip the end of the tape back into the dispenser to create a loop around the area you are measuring – like your thigh, waist, neck, arm, etc.

The description and specs per the company: “The easy@home Bathroom Scale provides you a reliable tool to check and follow closely your weight in an easy way by simply stepping on it. It is designed to give you impressively pleasant experience in using: large and safe platform, 4.3″ LCD display backlit with cool blue light, auto power-off, display unit option in pound or kilogram. […] equipped with high grade Precision sensors to ensure the weighing accuracy, and its pretty design pleases you any time you look at it.”

It is really pretty scale! However, it does show my weight as being 3 lbs heavier than my other scale, which is a real bummer if it turns out to be correct. I’ll have to weigh myself on one of the manual weight scales at school tomorrow and see if whether the old scale or the new scale is reflective of my true weight (at this point I’m hoping my old one is accurate – 3 lbs difference and that’s not at different times of day that’s one after the other). But in any event, if my weight keeps going down, it’s going to be nice to step on this scale regularly, even if it turns out to be the one off, I’ll just have to subtract 3 lbs every time. 😉

*Disclaimers: Non-affiliate of Flat Tummy Tea, was not asked to do a review and was not given any products or monetary compensation for the review, just a happy customer.

The Easy@Home product was given to me complimentary in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This evaluation and review is an accounting of my true opinions and experiences, and is written in the same manner as if I had bought it at full-price, been given as a gift, or received as a sample.

If you are interested in Flat Tummy Tea, here’s the link.

If you are interested in the Easy@Home High Precision Digital Bathroom Scale, it is available on Amazon for $25+ free Prime shipping (current at the time of writing this post).



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