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Matcha is such a wonderful product. Nowadays you see it in just about anything, in candies, in cookies, in pastries, lattes, etc. There are different grades of matcha out there. I’ve bought and tried a couple of other brands, aside from this one, to make iced green tea lattes with, in an effort to make my own version of the one they have at Starbucks – to 1) control the amount of sugar and fat, 2) to save money (though this part is iffy and depends), 3) quality ingredients control, and 4) to make it whenever I wanted to. However, those that I purchased, though organic, were the “economical” (cheaper) versions, commonly termed “culinary” grade. The product that I’m reviewing here is the Midori Spring Ceremonial Matcha Tea Gold Class (30g size).


Here are a couple of common FAQs asked about matcha, passed on to me by Midori Spring:

1. What is Gold Class Matcha and how is it different? To simplify, Gold Class is the most superior grade of Matcha Tea Powder there is. It is a 1st Class Ceremonial grade matcha, which means the darkest and richest tencha leaves are reserved to produce this fine powder. It is meant for brewing tea of highest quality, suitable for tea ceremonies. Intermediate to advanced tea drinkers usually opt for our Gold Class Matcha. There are different ranges within the Ceremonial matcha category. For example, Ceremonial grades can range from the most premium (Gold Class) quality to most economical. During production the tencha leaves are sorted by colour (darker green to lighter green). Gold Class uses the darkest tencha leaves (best) while other (lower class) products uses a blend of medium and low quality tencha leaves. Gold Class Matcha comes in a 30g food grade, BPA free tin, and is certified Organic, Kosher & Vegan. (GMO, Gluten, Soy, Dairy Free)

2. I’m a first time Matcha drinker and I find it bitter. We understand some people do not like the taste the first few times they try Matcha, but it is similar to the same initial experiences with coffee or tea, after a few shots, you may come to love it. If you still do not like the taste, we suggest adding a bit of raw honey, or turn it into a Matcha inspired latte or smoothie. When brewing traditionally, please adjust water and Matcha amount to your liking.”

As mentioned before, I usually drink match as an iced latte drink, but I decided to try this product as a brewed hot tea. Since I don’t have the traditional tools used in ceremonial tea brewing, I used an electric milk frother instead of a bamboo whisk, and a cosmetic spoon/spatula (clean and never been used for cosmetics previously, of course) instead of the bamboo ladle/scoop.  I made a youtube video demo on how to make a quick cup with these non-traditional tools, not sure how to embed it here, or if I even can on the free wordpress account so: link.

This matcha is amazing! Even though I don’t use a whole lot, just between 1/4-2/3 tsp of matcha per 1.5-2.5oz, it did not taste bitter to me at all. In fact, there was a hint of sweetness that was really nice. Even the scent of the powder is on the sweetside.  The color is vibrant and the texture is fine.


Some of the other brands that have tasted, the culinary brands, were just on the edge of bitter, so I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted this one. Now, I look forward to drinking it as a hot tea as well as an iced latte!

The only drawback is that this 30g pot/jar is a little pricy, but in my estimation it is well worth it and unless something better crosses my path, I don’t plan on actively seeking out another brand, this will be my brand and product of choice for matcha from here on out! Even considering getting the traditional tools so that I can do it the right way! I used to have a really nice set of Japanese tea cups, but with all the moves I’ve done over the years, I think they got lost along the way or they’re in the basement stuck in the box with all my fine China and knick knacks!


Anyway, LOVE this matcha! It’s for sure a keeper!

*Disclaimer: This product was given to me complimentary in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This evaluation and review is an accounting of my true opinions and experiences, and is written in the same manner as if I had bought it at full-price, been given as a gift, or received as a sample.

If you are interested in trying this product for yourself, the Ceremonial Gold 30g size is available on Amazon for $27.99 + free Prime shipping (current at the time of writing this post).

If you go to their website you may be able to get a 15% off coupon (link).

Also more FAQs can be found here.


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