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2015-12-10 23.56.31

Didn’t sub to Vegan Cuts‘ snack box (yet), but instead got their Vegan Chocolate Box when it was on sale during/around either Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Let me just say… WOW. Though this wasn’t a subscription box, if it were, out of all the subs I’ve had so far, I am in love! If this is indicative of how their snack box might be, that’s it – I’m a goner, “you had me at hello” and all that.

I placed the order on Nov 27th and received it Dec 7th. The box isn’t pretentious, nothing fancy, just their bold logo on the sides. But it’s what’s inside that counts 😉 So here, have a gander:

2015-12-10 23.56.06

I know, right?! Drool!

Better views:

2015-12-10 23.55.40

2015-12-10 23.54.40

My tummy will be happy; it’ll be pudgy, but happy!

And at least these are Vegan goods and will be a little healthier snacking on than what I could be eating. I figure this, along with Flat Tummy Tea, I’m set for at least maintaining my current weight until this box is empty, then I can work on lowering the poundage once again. 🙂 YOLO

Oh, FYI, this Vegan Chocolate Box above doesn’t seem to be on their site anymore, must be sold out. Their Snack Box Sub is $19.95/mn w/free shipping (monthly sub) and consists of “chips to cookies and sodas to teas, […] 7-10 vegan goodies […] Mostly gluten-free snacks, Mix of full and sample size products” [link] They also have a Beauty Box sub available.


Disclaimer: Not an affiliate of Vegan Cuts, and was not asked to write this post. I’m just a happy customer.



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