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The only time I’ve ever had clothing custom made for me was when I was a child, by my mother, and in my late teens, by my older sister who was in dressmaking and fashion design school at the time. It was really exciting to be able to have a top custom made for me by Suuchi, as an adult!

I just love that name, Suuchi, don’t you? I’m not sure if it’s pronounced the way it looks, but to me it looks like it would be pronounced as sushi.

They’re a little startup company, description as per their website:

Suuchi is made to order custom clothing fit to your gorgeous body and taste. Our story was born of the hope that custom clothing becomes your only choice by giving you access to exquisite, affordable, ready-fast pieces. Each creation is MADE  IN the USA and delivered to your doorstep in 5 days. If you buy from Suuchi, expressing yourself isn’t optional. It’s necessary. Your personality wasn’t mass produced, your clothes shouldn’t be either!”

The process… you select the piece that you want from their shop, in this case it was the Long Tunic, then you choose your fabric.
They have thumbnail swatches to choose from with description blurbs that pop up if you hover over them. The one I choose was the Green Ribbed Stretch. Next you can either choose Standard Sizes, or Custom Sizes. For custom sizes you need to obtain your measurements, and they have links to videos on how to do that – just click on the little white circle with the i in the middle next to whichever measurement you want to learn how to take.

If you choose standard sizes, you can also note down at the bottom if you have a specific measurement that is not standard, like bust or hips, etc. I choose to do the custom sizes. Then click the “Add to Cart” button and check out! It’s that simple. If you need help at any time during the ordering/checking out process, they have live help available and the Suuchi Stylists are really friendly and pleasant to deal with.

My custom tunic took a little under 3 weeks to be made and received.
I also did a very short video (link).
My impressions. It’s made well. The color of the fabric wasn’t what I expected, as the swatch on the website is a little brighter, and this green is more like a dark sage. The texture is slightly starchy/scratchy and not as stretchy as I thought it would be, as well. For this tunic, I should have chosen a more flowy fabric. It’s still a lovely fabric, but probably would be great for more structured applications like in a blazer, pencil skirt, or trousers — and I actually would love to have it in a mod-style dress (like the silhouettes on the old 1960s Jiffy pattern cover), maybe in a different color though like aqua or light teal. This tunic goes great with jeans (or tights) and boots though!

In these 3 weeks, I’ve lost a little weight, so the tunic wasn’t as fitting as it probably should have been, there’s quite a bit of fabric under the breasts and down, so I feel a little bit lost in it. It is billowy and fun though! Especially, spinning!

[Update: They’re working on getting better swatch thumbnails on their website.]

*Disclaimer: This product was given to me complimentary in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This evaluation and review is a true accounting of my true opinions and experiences, and is written in the same manner as if I had bought it at full-price, been given as a gift, or received as a sample.

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