And so they are done.

The last two finals of this quarter are complete. Heavy sigh. So very relieved it is over. I’m pretty sure I either have a 98 or 99 average of all 5 finals (depends on if I get one of the questions on my Phleb test back, since the answer I chose was actually the correct answer and the test was wrong), and hopefully at least a 99 overall class grade when it’s over. You know what that means though, right? I reached two of three goals for this quarter – Letter of Excellence and Honor Roll. The Perfect Attendance I lost because of that one day I had to miss when I was ill.

The class isn’t over yet, one more week and we were told tonight that he’s giving us some practice RMA exams next week – ugh, plus still have to do my power point presentation.  Won’t stress over it though because FINALS ARE OVER AND THAT’S A HUGE WEIGHT OFF OF MY SHOULDERS AND I DO NOT NEED TO PUT THAT WEIGHT BACK ON! 🙂

There’s a ton of things I need to catch up on though. Products to review, boxes to unbox, a pottery class to make up, videos to create, food to be eaten, blog posts to be read and commented on, social networks to be tended to, etc. etc. etc. Plus this is the month for my birthday and Christmas! So EXCITED!!! Woot! I’m thinking about doing a giveaway for that very reason. It would be my first – just have to figure out the details.

So how are you? How has your week been? Anything crazy going on?




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