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I have some time before I start studying for the night, middle of cooking dinner, but I received my 1st PinchMe box today. I love the box and the design. When I picked my items (usually you can pick up to 4 per box, but there was only 2 really that I was ok with, the other two were cat food), they were what was leftover from what I’m sure was a mad rush to get the “it” products, like nail polish and some kind of popcorn and other stuff. I actually only picked two – the Breathe Right Strips and the Gold Bond (I think or I might have picked the Scotch Brite and one of those), and they sent me the other things, maybe just as box fillers.

In this box:

  • Purina Beyond Grain Free Wild Salmon Pate cat food – I actually didn’t want this one because my cat has a sensitive stomach and allergies. So he can’t eat this, but I’m giving it to one of my classmates who has a cat that is actually on grain free dry food with salmon in it right now, so that works out perfectly.
  • Scotch Brite Extreme Scrub sponge
  • Breathe Right Nasal Strips
  • Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Cream
  • and a bonus $100 Wine Voucher, delivery included, to Sounded amazing, until I flipped the card and it’s $100 off any case of wine priced at $160 or more – will likely see if anyone wants this. I don’t drink that often and not nearly enough for a case.

The next box should come any time now, but I looked on my account and for some reason, I’m getting the Breathe Right and Gold Bond again, along with the one item I chose (it was the only item available to choose at the time).  If they are in that box, I’ll be putting them in my giveaway box so someone else can try them. That’ll probably get here in 3 weeks – the other box was marked shipped on 11/17 and I just got it today – and this 2nd box was marked shipped yesterday. It probably gets put together, then shelved somewhere before getting processed for actual shipping – it doesn’t take 3 weeks to get from NJ to KS via USPS, not even parcel post takes that long.

HOPEFULLY, I can get in on the next batch of samples that’s supposed to be coming out soon and I can snag some really great stuff. Bad thing about these releases is that I’m still in class at that time, so will have to set an alarm and hopefully will be on break when it happens.

Are you a PinchMe member? If so, what’s the best thing that you’ve gotten in your box?



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  1. I’m actually getting one in a month it’ll take a few weeks to get to my house I’m gettin a body wash and a scrub for dishes lol

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