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logoOver a month ago, I came across this post by O So Vogue regarding Wholesalebuying.com. I’m a sucker for bargains. When you first create an account they give you 8% off discount codes, but they continue to give you these (my understanding is that you can use these until you reach $200 or something like that, IDK), so they actually don’t turn out to be anything special. 8% off is 8% off though, and that’s better than nothing.  The prices there are pretty darn cheap, but shipping is pretty expensive – if you’re just looking at it by itself. What I mean by that is that if you take the total price of all of the items you want and add shipping it that, then divide by the number of items being purchased, it’s not so bad. I bought about 22 items and shipping alone was almost $63 USD (via FedEx, which was the lowest shipping option available).  However, if I averaged out the total, that’s $7.31 per item — which is pretty darn good.

The quality of the items varied, I got some that looked really great, some that had cheap fabric, some where the edges and finishing weren’t done very well, but for the most part I was pleased with this purchase and will likely go back and do another haul.

2015-11-29 02.18.14-1This is the large package I got. Sorry, it’s a crappy pic, I used my phone to cross out the addresses and it was way too saturated, so I made it b&w. IDK SMH, it is what it is. That package was stuffed though! I had to take care to cut the package open (it was one of those thin polymailers, but I’ve used them in the past and the tape helps a great deal in keeping stuff in).

I thought that it would take at least a month to get to me, but I placed my order on November 15th and received it November 24th. What I didn’t like is that other than the paypal receipt, I never received a order confirmation from them and I never got an email with notice of shipment until the day after I received it (got the notice on the 25th). But 9 days is still pretty awesome considering it being sent from China to the US right before Thanksgiving!  I’m hoping that my next order will be just as quick, but that probably won’t be for a while… though I recently saw a couple of cute items… but trying to hold off as long as I can.

In the slideshow below are a couple of the tops I got, I’ll post more of these periodically, rather than all at once (plus the majority of it I put under the tree, yeah we have a tendency to buy a lot of our own gifts for Christmas).

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I have the one with lettering on it also in grey and aqua/teal (not sure if the lettering actually means anything). On the “Vintage” sweater, I love it, however, I really do not like that there is a seam on the collar (it’s just on that one side, which makes it really odd, but my hair can cover it, TG):

2015-11-29 20.49.33

They also have jewelry and other things there, but I have only explored their clothing and shoe section.  If you want to check out Wholesalebuying.com, here’s the link. And as per the usual, I am not an affiliate, nor a part of their affiliate program (though might consider it in the distant future) and am a paying customer.

Staying in line with clothes, I got this cute cowl sweater at Kohls — we dared to go out on Thanksgiving, Pre Black Friday. It wasn’t horrible though, the only bad thing was the stinging freezing rain that we had to stand in for a few minutes before they opened the doors and I wasn’t wearing a hoodie and my umbrella was no where to be found.

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I’m a dork when it comes to selfies, I don’t feel comfortable doing them, so am trying to do it more to get out of my comfort zone.  Also trying to do video since I have to do some product promos and eventually want to get into the whole vlogging thing… it’ll be a long work in progress.

Know of some other great bargain clothing places?  I thought about going through Thread Up, as I received a discount code for something like $20 or $25 off the first order, but not sure. Has anyone tried them?


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  1. This is such a great post, I’m so happy you decided to order and are satisfied! I’m so surprised you got your package in just 10 days, for me it took around a month! So lucky!

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