Birchbox November


Birchbox November arrived last week as well. Don’t you just love that box design and colors? It’s so pretty! I don’t think there was a specific theme other than it being November, the card talks about festivities and doing things to pamper yourself. Since it’s already late, and I have school in the morning, I’m going to cut it short and schedule this to post sometime in the morning. Leaving you with the descriptions and my short two cents per item…

2015-11-23 21.36.13

The goods:

  • Beauty Protector – Protect & Detangle Leave-In Conditioner: “Chock-full of vitamin D, this lightweight yet potent treatment hydrates, smoothes, and evens tone. Instant detangler, thermal protector, UV protector, seals cuticle, smoothes hair, locks in color, adds shine, weightless, non-greasy, conditions, for all hair types, use daily.” Cute red rubber bottle! Love the design. It doesn’t have the list of ingredients on it though. Though it’s a spray, I opened the top to smell it and it smells pretty fragranced, so I don’t know that I can use it because of my sensitive head. I might try it on bit of hair and see. {Update: sprayed it on some of my hair, it’s not a fine mist, and splats on the hair clunkily. It is very fragranced :(, nice scent, but too strong for me, so nope, my head is not going to allow it}. Love everything about the packaging though!
  • Dr. Jart+ – Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask: “This refreshing cotton sheet mask is loaded with a hydrating serum, great for nourishing dry, parched skin.” Must be because it’s Winter-time that we’re getting all these face masks, lol. Winter can be very drying to the skin. I like the previous product I received of Dr. Jart’s, so hopefully I’ll like this one as well.
  • Liz Earle – Superskin Moisturizer with Natural Neroli: “This superhydrating moisturizer features ingredients that restore skin, like pomegranate, cranberry seed, and neroli.” The jar is cute, not like the typical cylindrical ones. I can pick up the neroli in the sent. The full-size is pricy though! $72, so even if I did end up liking it…
  • LOC (Birchbox exclusive) – Vibrant Matte Lipstick in First Kiss: “From Birchbox’s new brand: A soft, flexible lipstick with shades curated by YouTube beauty star Tati Westbrook.” I love the color of this, but I’m partial to subtle colors. You can see it in the below photos, the swatch on the left. It is matte and creamy, but the tip broke off as I was swatching 🙁
  • MAKE – Skin Illuminator: “Part skin-correcting base and part highlighter, this illuminator has the perfect amount of sheer, pearlescent glimmer.” The tube is super small, wow. In the photos below it is swatched to the right of LOC. The 2nd photo shows after it dried on skin and in low-light. It’s a pretty shimmer/glimmer.



As this is only my 2nd month with Birchbox, I’ll stick around for another month and then make a decision whether to keep the sub or try something new.

Did you get these items in your box? If so what are your thoughts?




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