Treatsie Sweets November


Yes, of course I’d follow up a post on Flat Tummy Tea with yummy, delicious treats, right? It’s only fair, after all – balance and all that *snicker* 😉  Being the foodie that I am and being that I have such a sweet tooth, the Treatsie Sweets subscription box greatly appealed to me.

20151121_224756I came across a code on Facebook that allowed me to get double the sweets for my 1st box and signed up for a 3 month sub on the 13th of this month, it shipped out on the 19th. They have a monthly shipping calendar on their site, which is nice and for November their ship dates were between the 16-20th.  It arrived in my mailbox on the 21st.

The box was in a priority flat rate envelope and pretty stuffed. Honestly, I was expecting a bigger box. This month, as it is Thanksgiving, their card says “Thankful” on it.


Inside, there were 4 different items (8 total since it was doubled; quoted text is the description from the accompanying card):

  • Laurie & Sons – Milk Chocolate Toffee with Maine Sea Salt: “Handcrafted in small batches, this buttery toffee from Harlem is smothered in creamy 38% cocoa milk chocolate.” It comes with 5 “minis”. These are about a 1″ square, or thereabouts, toffees covered with milk chocolate and sprinkled on top with sea salt.  It is the perfect balance of salty and sweet, with that crunch from the toffee and a soft flakiness from the chocolate.
  • Quince & Apple – Apples and Cranberry Preserves: “A Thanksgiving favorite, this preserve is a combination of local apples, cranberries, honey, orange zest, ginger, and bay leaves.” The cranberries is the most prevalent scent from the preserves. It’s not sticky like a jam and it’s chunky with the fruits. As with the scent, the cranberries are in the forefront then you get notes from the other flavors off the back. It’s a very nice preserve that would be great on crackers.
  • Tumbador – Pecan Pie Caramels: “Toasted pecans sink gently into a bed of soft vanilla buttermilk caramel under rich velvety blankets of 72% dark chocolate.” These were my favorite, both packages are already consumed… no shame. Sooo very good, like pecan turtles, but in a neat square forms. The only bad thing about it is that there were only 3 in each package!
  • Velvet Rope Bakeshop – Salted Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookies: “These brown sugar oatmeal cookies are packed with Fuji apples and salted caramel bits, then topped with sea salt before being baked to perfection.” These were my least favorite, unfortunately. They were too salty for me. Give me a soft delicious cookie any day and I’ll gobble it up, but these were hard and the apple flavor was just about lost, all I could taste, pretty much, was the salt.
  • Gift code card for 3 Free Meals with the 1st order of Hello Fresh.

I went to their website to look for the Pecan Pie Caramels, but they don’t have them up. They have October’s treats, so I’m wondering if they may wait until the following month or close to the end to put them up.

With this subscription normally being around $20 a month, you get 4 items, that averages to $5 per item.  Granted, there is no sales tax and that includes shipping, but since these are more or less samples, that’s pretty pricy. I’ve decided, though, that for each of my subscriptions I’d allow at least 3 months. So we’ll see what comes in next month! I love trying new things anyway!


Want to check out the Treatsie Sweets Subscription Box? Use the code FRBUCO01 to get double the sweets (Over $40 Total Value) when you subscribe today! Click here. This is my affiliate link, please use it if you subscribe, I’d appreciate it! Also if anyone has an affiliate link to Vegan Cuts or Love With Food, let me know so that I can help you and use it when I sign up!





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