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20151122_024510-1Last night, we’ll early this morning around 3am… my eyes were already tired, aching, and strained. Before going to bed, I used one of the eye patches I got from BeautynetKorea. It’s the Etude House – Collagen Eye Patch (3 pack).  The description from their site: “Elasticity of the skin and eyes refresh and moisture that Eye patch is a concentrated supply moisture and elasticity.”

The directions were to: “Remove the film form patches and fasten adhesive sides to areas beneath the eyes. Remove patches after 15-20 minutes.”

I washed my face and opened the package. Apparently, I didn’t pay attention and thought the mesh part was to be tossed as I didn’t see a 2nd one… but we’ll get back to that in a moment.


The liquid part is a gel and the patches are like a paper towel soaked in the gel. The gel has a subtle scent, similar to a sleeping pack gel by the same company. You apply it right under your eyes.

Once on, I noticed a lot of drippage down my cheeks. Since it had to be on for 15-20 mins, I just kind of hung out for a bit, but then the patches started sliding down my cheeks, so I laid in bed. And got some of the gel on my pillow… sigh.20151122_025911

Nothing really out of the ordinary except that I don’t know if it was because my eyes were tired, but I could feel the skin beneath my eyes “pull” a little.

When it was time to take it off, I realized that one of those mesh thingies were on one of them (on the side that was not on my cheek)… ooops. So that was what they were talking about when they said “adhesive” side and that’s why they kept sliding down my cheeks… Next time, I’ll be more wiser, haha.

My under eyes were still dark in the morning, but there was that tighter feeling and there wasn’t any puffiness, so yay!

These are available on BeautynetKorea (direct link, not an affiliate), the 3 pack is $5.10 USD.

I was going to do my face mask post here too, but I think I’ll just have to do it tomorrow after school in a separate post. A belated #sundayfacialmaskday addition. 🙂


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  1. I used this product before, it did help removing dark circle under my eyes, but we should like routinely use it. 🙁 the bad thing is it is pretty expensive in currency :”

    Nice post and I do agree with your statement about you could feel the skin beneath your eyes “pull” a little.

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