#sundayfacialmaskday: belated Skin Food Royal Honey Mask

20151123_002805-1As I mentioned late last night, I was going to put this in a separate post today. So here you go. I got two of these Skin Food Royal Honey Masks as part of the complimentary samples that came with my order from BeautynetKorea.

20151123_004824-1The description from the website: “An exfoliating mask with royal black honey and royal jelly extracts that sloughs away dead skin cells and transforms rough skin into a nice honey-glazed complexion.”

The product is umm… is milky in color and is gel-like.  It smells like honey, but more perfumey -subtle though. There was probably enough in the packet for two uses, but I slathered it all on my face and neck. The feel of it was very similar to when I use a combo of raw honey and coconut oil as a cleanser.

2015-11-23 02.03.02The little packet didn’t have instructions on the back in English, but the website does, so I had to go and find it.  And unfortunately, aside from saying “apply a quarter-sized amount evenly to the face and massage gently”, it wasn’t specific as to whether I was supposed to leave this on my face or wash it off, and if I was to wash it off, I didn’t know how long I should have left it on. Their Royal Honey Hydro Massage Gel’s instructions are to massage for 3-5 minutes, then leave in (on?) or wash off, so I figured this was similar and went ahead and washed it off to be safe.  It left my skin fresh feeling, soft, and smooth.

You can get them on BeautynetKorea (direct link, non-affiliate) as a 7-pack for $4.18USD.


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