Flat Tummy Tea Update


For some reason, I thought I was just on day 5 of drinking this Flat Tummy Tea, but my original blog post was on Nov 14th, that puts me on day 9. Woah O.O where in the heck did the time go? Doesn’t seem like I’ve been on it that long. Ah well. As far as bloating goes, I don’t know that I’ve seen much of a difference – but we’re our own worst critic, right? I think the Cleanse tea (for the evening) actually makes me have gas when I wake up in the morning. Other than that, no side effects that I have noted.  I have also cut down on drinking Pepsi, have gone back to trying to drink at least 64 oz of water per day – not including the teas, and have been trying to eat a little more fruit and veggies (still probably not as much as I should be eating on a daily basis, but it’s a start), and to top it off this week also had “Mrs. Flow” visiting. So with all that factored in… drum roll… I’ve lost 8 lbs. Weee… Most of that is likely water-weight, so we shall see how the following week goes.scale-weight-loss-measuring-tape-jpg

Anyone else trying this tea? If so, have you seen results?

Here’s a link, if you’d like to try it yourself.


FYI – I’m going to start putting these disclaimers on my post, since I will be getting products in soon that are given to me at a discount or complimentary in exchange for a review. The Flat Tummy Tea, I bought and am reviewing honestly and unbiasedly, on my own accord without having been asked to do so by the company. I am not affiliated with Flat Tummy Tea and these posts are not an endorsement of them or their product, just my true opinions and experiences.




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