So Many Beauty & Food Subscription Boxes, Too Little… Money!

Ever get that feeling, not enough money for the things you want? There are soooo many of those box subscriptions that I want, but man it all adds up!  They’re so addicting though and getting mail is like Christmas!

[Updated 1/29]

So far I’m subscribed to:

  • Ipsy * – may unsub after Jan so I can try something new
  • the3bbox – loved my 1st box
  • Treatsie * (LOVED my 1st box, excited to see what is in store for Dec)
  • Orange Box
  • Mask Box
  • Try The World
  • PinchMe *

I want to try these:

Subbed, but now unsubbed after the 3 month rule (unsub after 3 months if I can live without it or if not completely satisfied):

  • Beauty Box Five – the best item I got from them was the HappyFace Makeup Remover Cloth, LOVE that product to pieces. Use it daily. I have one for every day of the week, seriously!
  • Birchbox * – might resub at a later time
  • Love With Food – great, but most of the items I wouldn’t have picked out for myself

*some are linked to my referral/invitation codes, fyi

If anyone ever wanted to get me a gift 😉 aside from makeup, a subscription to one of those above would be awesome! Hehe.

Qs4 my readers: What are you subscribed to? Pros? Cons? Loves? Hates? Let me know!

9 thoughts on “So Many Beauty & Food Subscription Boxes, Too Little… Money!

  1. I subscribe to Ipsy, BoxyCharm & FabFitFun. I love them all but I think I may cancel Ipsy soon. I just am bored of samples and now I feel like I’m getting repeat items like (bronze cream eyeshadows, moisturizers galore, hair products galore, chapsticks, etc) and I’m not going through them fast enough so I keep putting them aside to give to people.

    Boxycharm & FabFitFun are amazing. Boxycharm is all full size products and I’ve discovered some great brands through this box. I also like FFF because it gives you lifestyle, fitness as well as beauty. Something to mix it up with 🙂

    • I’m still in the samples-are-fun stage, lol! But am accumulating quite a stash! BB5 I may cancel after this Nov box, they have so-so to good products, but mostly smaller companies. I’ve heard quite a bit about BoxyCharm and I’ve been sooooo very tempted! FabFitFun also looks great with its mix of products, I keep getting their emails notifying me of this and that added to the boxes. One of these days I’ll be rich and can afford it all, right? I’ll keep telling myself that! 😉

      • that’s also why I also am thinking of cancelling because I feel I should not spend tooo much extra money. $10 extra a month could buy me products I actually want.

  2. Was subscribed to ipsy previously , currently subscribed to birchbox but dont like it a lot , subscribed this month to glossybox (send high end products ) , n my all time fav is dermstore ( bcz it is mostly skin care )

  3. Reblogged this on That Mom-Wife Life and commented:
    Just signed up for Pinchme these are great subscription boxes to try in the future ! Thanks Julz for posting this. Check her blog out guys she has great beauty tips and tricks 🙂

      • Your welcome and definitely they didn’t have any sample boxes this month everything was out of stock but I’ll look soon it said in another 23 days they’ll have more stuff

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