Nails: DIY Matte Nails + Other Nail Tips

Can’t recall what I was looking up, but I came across a post the other day, probably on Pinterest via that had a how to on making your own matte topcoat for nailpolish.  I followed the link via the watermark on the image to’s page (linked here).

2015-11-14 20.05.31The tutorial was pretty simple and easy to follow. Since it didn’t really specify, you had to play with it to get the consistency/ratio between the clear top coat (you can use any, I just have Nailene Acrylic Strong Protecting Topcoat) and the corn starch to where you wanted it. Too much top coat – not matte enough, too much corn starch – it gets clumpy, thick and gloopy. Also, be sure that when you’re mixing you don’t form any bubbles or they’ll transfer to your nails.
2015-11-14 19.46.09Above before, below after. (color is Wet N Wild Megalast in Wet Cement)2015-11-14 20.08.03The results were pretty cool! It lightens the color (though it maybe that I’m using too much corn starch), but makes it matte! It does take a little longer for it to dry completely, even if it feels dry… it may not be.

If you use the brush applicator that comes with your top coat, you’ll notice corn starch sediment on the brush and at the bottom of the bottle if you don’t clean it before putting it back in the bottle. It’s best to use a different brush applicator and/or pour some out into a pan (or in my case a palette – I think I got it at Walmart for $0.99 or something like that), then clean your brush after use. The little plastic cosmetic spoon spatula thingie I got from Amazon, pack of 100 for $7.09 + free shipping on Prime (though currently it’s $7.99 + free shipping on Prime).

Though I don’t do my nails that often and rarely do manicures or have them done, my nails and hands look like crap, but I have found a couple of tips that may be helpful!  These disposable lip gloss applicator wands and disposable eyeliner applicator wands are awesome for mopping up the nail polish messes you make on your cuticles. 2015-11-14 20.10.17

Purchased on Amazon:
100 Disposable Eyeliner Applicator Wands
 (currently $6.94 + free shipping on Prime)
100 Disposable Lip Gloss Applicator Wands (they were $7.08 + free shipping on Prime, but looks like they’re now $3.29 + free shipping non-Prime)

They eyeliner wands are good for detailing – getting into the small crevices between your nail and cuticle – just dip it in some nail polish remover and go at it (come to think of it, they could probably work with nail art designs and detailing, as well!).

The lip gloss wands are better for larger messes around your cuticles – again, just dip it in some nail polish remover — though be sure to blot out some of the excess nail polish remover or you may have some issues.  Also you will want to swoosh or wave the wands in the nail polish remover after each “clean off” so that you remove some of that nail polish you picked up on the brush and it doesn’t end up back on your finger. Dip, clean off skin, swoosh in nail polish remover, dab off excess, repeat.

The lip gloss wands are also a gentler alternative to those wooden cuticle sticks that are used to push back your cuticle to expose the half moon! The soft tip offers a cushion that is less abrasive than the sharp edge of the wooden stick. And if you add a little coconut oil (bio oil, biossance, whatever) to it, that’ll help moisturize and nourish your cuticles at the same time. The negative with using this instead of the wooden stick is that it won’t get rid of that dry cuticle stuff left on the top of your nail that was under your cuticle. However, once you’ve gently pushed back the cuticle you can go back and use the wooden stick to get that dry stuff without damaging the flesh of your cuticles or use a cuticle dissolver like Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover.

Qs4 my readers: Would love to hear your thoughts! Also, if you have suggestions for an affordable nail dryer or nail drying solution.

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