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TJP_9265 TJP_9266In my late teens, I acquired an aqua/teal dress from my grandmother that she wore in the 70s or early 80s (talk about clothes that are made well and last long!), the mod style was similar to the above, but didn’t flare and it had sleeves that I cut off which made the shape on top end up like those above. This is one of my favorite type of dress silhouettes – I still want to try to find the straighter type, non-flare in a lighter/breathable, yet durable material. When I saw these dresses via Instagram through Francesca’s I knew I had to have them. There are sooo many things at Francesca’s that I want! These two were on sale, one at 40% off and the other at 20% (averaging about $30 ea after taxes) and the order ended up with free shipping. It took about a week to receive.

The dark dress is the Darcy Textured Shimmer Dress (you can see more of the texture below, though neither photo do the dress proper justice) and the grey dress (which is like a sweatpants material on the outside and a scuba/neoprene inside) is the Chloe Solid Scuba Dress. Both are quality materials and made well, just probably needs a little ironing or letting down/breathing since they just came out of the box. I plan on shopping from Francesca’s again, maybe as a Christmas or Birthday gift for myself!

I need to work on slimming down my arms and legs and flattening my tummy so that I can take some confident shots in these dresses!

Close up of the texture of the Darcy dress:

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