Wipe That Face Off!

TJP_9239 TJP_9240Not too long ago, I got my first box from Beauty Box Five and it had one of these HappyFace Makeup Cleansing Cloths in it. As I wrote on Instagram, at first I was worried about the quality because it was a little linty where some of the fibers had pilled – but that was nothing really. The quality is great, it’s durable, reusable, machine washable, and eco-friendly. What’s even more important is that they are so soft to the touch, feels lovely on the face, and really does remove your makeup – even eye makeup comes off with a breeze. It reminds me of a fleece blanket. I liked this product so much that I bought several more of them, so that I could use one for every day of the week, and a few more to give out as gifts. In my 1st giveaway, one of these HappyFace babies will be in it for sure!

Right now, if I’m not mistaken they’re only available through BB5 (they’re currently $3.99 ea + shipping), but you can link up with HappyFace/WipeThatFaceOff (www.shophappyproducts.com) via Instagram.  The magenta pink and yellow, I believe, seem to be this company’s colors, so I’m not sure if they plan on adding more varieties.

I hope to be trying out their original product – Happy Hands, The Original UV Nail Glove soon, if HappyFace is any indication of the quality and usability of their products, then the gloves will surely be just as great!

TJP_9244And because you get free shipping through BB5 if you have an order of at least $50, I went ahead and added the Eclipse Palette by Coastal Scents ($14.95).

It contains 15 concealer shades. The description from BB5:
‘Your Fairy Godmother called and said you “wished for a flawless complexion.” We got you covered—literally. Neutralize under eye halos, conceal blemishes, banish breakouts, and reduce redness with fifteen cream-based shades. Designed to conceal, highlight, and custom blend to your skin tone, watch your flaws magically disappear. Think of this palette as your Fairy Godmother for a Flawless Face! ‘

20151107_021403 20151107_021610I’ve never tried Coastal Scents products or heard of it before BB5, but I’m always up for trying new things and brands. The shades on this palette range from pale to really dark, there’s also a yellow, a pale lilac, green, and a silvery/pearly one. They’re not a silky creamy texture, more of a matte creamy – if that makes any sense. With all of these shades, I can easily see this doubling as a contouring palette.

Since we’re on the subject of concealers, I thought I’d also swatch the Allround Concealer palette by Catrice Cosmetics. It’s small and compact, with basic 5 shades. The product is very creamy/balmy, and I used my finger to swatch these, but accidentally smushed into the middle one ooops (which is why the swatch for that one is heavier).

20151107_024240I still have to test the effectiveness of their concealing.  What’s your favorite go to concealer palette?

With the purchase of the Eclipse palette and the cloths, I received 5 free samples. I had to get double of one of them because they were out of the other products, but no big deal, my feet need a good scrubbing or two any way 😉

TJP_9243Samples: Freeman Bare Foot peppermint & plum creamy pumice foot scrub x2 – scrubs away rough, dry flaky skin

Sally Hansen Toe Spacers – cushiony soft toe spacers for smudge-free pedicures.

Natural Style by Fubu, Moisture Shine deep conditioner & co-wash – repairs, strengthens & moisturizes, 100% sulfate & paraben free, Miracle 9 Complex, containing organic shea butter, sweet almond oil, virgin olive oil, bamboo oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, avocado oil, virgin coconut oil, and pomegranate seed oil.

Aquafirm+ H2O+ advanced micro-collagen moisturizer with marine microspheres – helps skin look plump and firm in minutes.

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