Aesthetica Cosmetics Cream Contour Kit Review

Fellow beauty blogger Online Beauty Findsasked for a review on the Aesthetica Costmestics Cream Contour Kit.

Leading up to purchasing this kit, I only had the Nyx Cosmetics Highlight & Contour Pro Palette. Being that it was powder based, it had a tendency to make the fine tiny hairs on my face stand out more – even with a primer, so I was interested in trying a cream base. After a little research via Google and YouTube, I was on Amazon looking up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit. Found it and then did a little exploring onto other things (you know, the “oooo shiny” thing). When I went back to get the set, I accidentally clicked on the Aesthetica Cosmetics version, seeing only the lower price point and not paying close attention. Didn’t realize my mistake until after it was purchased. Looking at it now, I’m not sure why I mistook it seeing as that the Anastasia version’s cream palette has square pans (though their powder base does have the round ones) and Aesthetica has round ones.

In a previous post, I mentioned it’s about a $10 difference between the two cream palettes (via Amazon), but in looking again today, the difference depends. Since I don’t have the Anastasia Palette, I can’t do a physical comparison review, but here’s are some other comparisons:

Aethetica (photo to the right is from their website)AE110_1_e5921ece-18d4-4561-b55c-33f712f873c5_1024x1024

  • $35 w/free shipping if Prime, there’s only one set, no skin tone preferences; $59, if direct through the Aethetica Cosmetics‘ website.
  • 3 Contouring & 3 Highlighting Shades: Honey Love, Summer Nights, Chic Parisian, Heiress, Chandelier, Wanderlust
  • Kit also contains: Step-by-Step instruction booklet – there are many helpful tips, including a face shape diagram, that show you where to properly apply the contour and highlight, as it pertains to your facial shape. Step-by-step online guide. YouTube tutorial: Cream Contour Tutorial
  • Mirror and magnetic closure on kit.
  • 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, & Gluten Free, Hypoallergenic.
  • Replacement/refillable pans – $12 ea, via direct

Anastasia (photo to the right is from their website)light_contour_cream_kit__3

  • starts at $40 and goes up depending on the skin tone preferences (Deep, Fair, Light; Macy’s has 4 with an addition of Medium); $40, if direct through the Anastasia Beverly Hills‘ website or via Macy’s.
  • 3 Contouring & 3 Highlighting Shades. Medium tones (different for each tone palette): Banana, Cream, Warm Coral, Nude, Cinnamon, and Chocolate
  • Anastasia products are cruelty free.
  • Some online tutorials available: Guide to Contouring; via YouTube: Contouring for Fair Skin, Contouring for Light Skin
  • The kit does have the capability for replacement/refillable pans, but I only see the powder base ones on the website; they may not have these available yet for the cream palette (their powder refill pans are $14 ea)

Now for a physical review of Aethetica‘s Cream Contour Kit.

20151101_13524220151101_135233 20151101_135342The product goes on smoothly, it’s light weight, non-oily, doesn’t feel cakey or like it will leave a heavy residue, and blends out well. The skin on my arm is darker than my face, of course, but you can see the pigments better in this manner.

20151103_14373520151103_150247I wrote the above with the intentions of taking my time with testing these highlight/contour shades shortly after, but ended up having to save it as a draft. I used the palette today, but only a quick application after I got home and over the makeup I was already wearing, the contouring could have been heavier with more definition (need to work on contouring my cheeks and nose :/). The product is creamy and goes on nicely, it feels smooth on the skin, but with my skin being extra dry today (I believe that peel from Sunday night has something to do with it, or not drinking nearly enough water as I usually do), the light is catching every nuance.  Right/Left are two photos in different lighting, both from today.

I do like this Aesthetica cream base a lot better than the Nyx’s powder base, so I believe I will continue to use this until it comes time to try another palette. Now I have to run, I have pottery class tonight.

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