Foodie: Late Night Munchies, Cravings, or On-The-Go Snacks

20151026_205105Trying to find a balance between eating healthy and satisfying my foodie-tooth, as well as juggling poor habits that go along side going to school during the morning and afternoon with only small breaks and not being able to eat lunch until between 1:30-2, is very difficult. About once a week, I go to Natural Grocers and pick up some Kombucha (trying to drink one a day during the week) and Raw Organic Coconut Water (to drink on Wed night/Thurs morning before my tests; weird habit, but I’m sticking with it), a couple of other things tend to wander into my cart without fail. This time around I spotted these guys – Just Fruit Salad and Just Mango, which is made by Just Tomatoes. They’re 100% natural fruit that is freeze-dried; no additives, preservatives or sweeteners; naturally gluten, dairy, wheat, and nut free; all-natural and kosher certified.20151026_205721

Descriptions from the website: “Just Mango will delight your taste buds with its intense flavor and welcome crunch. Mango is a popular fruit and now you can have them on your shelf and ready to use. Mangoes are always in season in your pantry. A great snack but, oh, so much more. Indulge in the intense flavor of mango! Anytime… anywhere!” and “Pear, Apple, Peach, Banana, Strawberry and Red Grapes… here is the fruit salad you love! Eat right from the package, but better yet… mix with whipped cream and yogurt and a little coconut to create the homey, traditional fruit salad you grew up with. Also, great in muffins or cookies.”

They are crunchy when you first bite into them and carry the natural sweetness and tartness of the fruits. I took some of the mango to class with me and shared it with a couple of classmates, they like it, but they did say that it did have a little bit of a tart taste and the texture once reconstituted in your mouth was a bit odd (for instance try to recall the texture of banana in your mouth) — but at least one of them came back for more. I agree with them, they may take a bit getting used to, and I did bite into a couple of harder pieces. Other than that, I really like them and think they will become a staple in my pantry and on-the-go bag. If you like dried fruits, then you’ll probably like these too. As a healthy alternative to other snacks out there, such as those that are loaded with sugars and fructose corn syrup, this is one that should be given a chance.

The chunks of freeze-dried fruits range in sizes, there was a huge slide of peach in there and there were tiny pieces of strawberry. I like the variety that is within the Fruit Salad, but I also love the mango too. They have other flavors available that I plan on trying as well.

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