EXO Pure Remover – Nail Polish Remover Wipes

20151025_200553These samples came from October’s Birchbox. They’re EXO Supply‘s EXO Pure Remover plant-based nail polish remover. Description from their website: “Pure Remover™ is a naturally moisturizing nail polish remover derived from plant-based, organic ingredients; designed to condition and repair your nails while it removes polish! These convenient travel-size wipes make removing nail polish easy and glamorous!  Available in several natural scents, this nail polish remover is safe for use on natural nails, acrylic nails, and can remove most gel polishes. Skip the stinky acetone and pamper your nails with EXO Pure Remover.” On the site they have Lavender, Mint, Orange, and Unscented.

20151025_200406Because the ones I received are lavender scented, I was a bit wary of trying them as I’m sensitive to that particular scent, having worked with lavender buds too long and too much when handling and storing wool, fibers, and yarns back in my fiber arts days. However, when I opened the packet, it wasn’t all that bad, the fragrance was subtle. On use, one wipe, which was a long rectangular piece (approx 1″ x 4″), was enough to take the polish off of the nails on both hands and probably could have on another set — so would have been good if I had to remove toe nail polish, as well. The drawback of using this is that it is a bit oily, being made of essential oils. I highly recommend putting something protective under your hands so it doesn’t stain your clothing. I happened to be wiping off my nail polish while sitting on the couch 20151025_200457with a pillow on my lap, so it dripped onto my pillow. Also, it wouldn’t be a good idea to touch anything afterward until you wash your hands. Since it is oil based, I found that it doesn’t dry the nail as regular nail polish removers do, or even those non-acetone based ones have done to mine in the past.

The price on these is a bit discouraging, however, $30 for 30, $24 for 20, $12 for 10… plus shipping. I can understand it being that way because it contains organic essential oils, but it may be cheaper to buy an essential oil and mix it with a carrier oil instead. For the convenience of not having to mess with essential oils, as well as for the portability of these — being able to slip a packet into a pocket, these are a great idea.

{Update: 11/1/15 ~ Used the 2nd sample wipe on darker nail polish and glitter nail polish (glitter polish overlaying the dark polish just on the thumbs), it was a lot harder to remove than the lighter color nail polish. It’s not impossible to use just 1 wipe, but it was extremely difficult and messy- especially the glitter polish that was on top of the dark purple. It took some time working the polish off and a bit of pressure. Therefore, I recommend using more than one wipe when taking off dark nail polish, glitter nail polish, or thick nail polish.}

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