Fav Handcream & Ulta Haul Pt 1


Le Couvent Des Minimes Nourishing Hand Cream Honey & Shea is my favorite hand cream. It used to be available and in a larger size at Bath & Body Works, but I believe they discontinued it a long while ago. Recently, for some odd reason, it popped in my head and I did a search for it and was able to find it online, but only in this tiny 25mL size. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find the full-size one day (and it won’t cost an arm and a leg). I really love the tube packaging, the almost brushed aluminum look and the fancy old-worldish label. The cream itself is a little sticky, but the smell is wonderful.  Because of my sensitivity to fragrances, I can’t use it when I have or have had a recent headache or migraine though. Still love this stuff despite that!

Ulta Haul Part 1

TJP_9156You know how you “need” something and then order it, only to find out that you “need” something else. Especially when there are sales and discounts available. Yeah… SMH in shame. So this is part one. Part two I’ll post a bit later.

I “needed” the Urban Decay Electric Palette… to go with the mask I’m wearing to an upcoming Halloween Party that is Mardi Gras Masquerade Themed. The colors are soooooo very rich and bright, really out of my comfort zone, but got to step out of the box every now and then, right?! That’s how we live a full life. I plan on attempting to apply this over the Lip Tar I just got from OCC – we’ll see how that turns out.

Then I “needed” more brushes – don’t remember ordering 2 of the Ulta Contour Bronzer brushes, but I guess I did! I was worried they wouldn’t be soft, but they are. Not as soft as some of the high-end brushes out there, but it’s by far softer than a lot of other brushes.

Then since there was a buy minimum to get a Sample Bag that had $75 worth of sample goodies in it, I added the Catrice Cosmetics Lash Boost Lash Growth Overnight Serum and Allround Concealer. My eyes needed these two things! 1) My eyelashes are short and stubby, so a little boost won’t hurt; 2) I have dark circles under my eyes that need concealing – though I’m not sure that this palette is the right one for me, we’ll see.

The purchase also came with the normal little bag of freebie samples – I chose random (or whatever they call it) and was sent Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and ev32 breath beauty treatment. These samples are actually pretty cool and they will definitely be in the “to try” pile, instead of the “give away” box!


The above came with my order (purchased $XX amount and receive the free gift kind of thing) and is the Online Only FREE 15-pc Good as Gold Beauty Bag (Rose Bag) . The description stated that it is an “Over $100 value!”, but then also “$125 value!” a sentence later, LOL. The bag included:

Miss Spa Deep Wrinkle Hydra Gel Lip Treatment (1 use)
Deluxe sample Ahava Mineral Hand Cream (0.68 oz)
Sample Alien Eau de Parfum (0.04 oz)
Sample Michael Kors (0.05 oz)
Deluxe sample Nip+Fab Glycolic Instant Fix Pads
Deluxe sample Benefit CosmeticsTriple Performing Facial Emulsion (0.3 oz)
Deluxe sample Pur Minerals Volume Vixen Mascara (0.12 oz)
Deluxe sample Urban DecayHigh Color Lipgloss in Scandal
Deluxe sample bareMinerals READY Bronzer in Skinny Dip (0.07 oz)
Deluxe sample IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye in Neutral (0.11 oz)
Travel size It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product (2.0 oz)
Travel size Sebastian Dry Shampoo (1.7 oz)
Deluxe sample Murada Age Sopt Pigment Lightening Gel (0.25 oz)
Deluxe sample Juice Beauty Stem Cell Moisturizer
Deluxe sample ULTA Sweet Fantasy Vanilla & Caramel (1.0 oz)

Plus a $5 off coupon. {this is how they lure you back in 😉 }

Whatever I plan on not using, I’ll probably put in my “give away” box. I’ll eventually have a giveaway.

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